Review of my Chat Room Stock Day Trades, Algorithm Charting Calls and Alerts for Friday Dec 30 –  $MRNS, $UVXY, $CEMP, $NVLS, $ERIC, $CNAT, $CXRX, $MRNS, $JNUG, $NUGT, $DUST, $JUNO, $CBMX, $SPY, $GLD, $GDX, $USDJPY, $DXY, $USOIL, $WTIC, $SLV, VIX, $NG_F and more.


Time stamped entries (in permanent archive) copied to this blog in italics (below) are direct live log chat from chat trade room as they occurred (random chat from myself not applicable or other misc chat deleted). Chat trade room is also video recorded daily for trade archive.

In addition to chat, this trade-room has live voice broadcast (that covers in detail what indicators I am looking for in and out off each trade) and has live chart screen sharing right from my monitor to the room with all indicators I am looking at.



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Overview Perspective & Review of Chat Room, Algo Calls, Trades and Alerts:

$MRNS was one momo play I had with small gain and $SSH with a wash. Later in day I had four $UVXY snipes that worked near perfect at 3000 shares each and 10 – 12 cents sniped on each.

Mathew and the team had a number of successful long and short trades – impressive group in this room. Talent base for any budding trader to learn from. I’m learning from them.

Momentum Stocks Today:

Momentum stocks were a mixed bunch and there wasn’t anything real noteworthy.



Looking Forward:

Per yesterday (and days prior):

I need to exit $DUST and entered it and held because I was convinced USD/JPY would (at minimum) do a major spike up to end the rally – but not so lucky (yet). $CBMX and $JUNO are holds in to spring if necessary – that was the worst case plan anyway.

We are looking to volatility, bonds, metals and possibly bio at this point short / mid term – but the market will let us know.

The market has a tonne of inflection points now, Silver Gold and Miner’s woke up some today so things should get interesting soon with our algos that you can find here:

The algorithm Twitter feeds can be found here: $WTI (@EPICtheAlgo), $VIX (@VexatiousVIX), $SPY (@FREEDOMtheAlgo), $GLD (@ROSIEtheAlgo), $SLV (@SuperNovaAlgo), $DXY (@DXYUSD_Index).

We are currently processing the reset calls for all algos for Q1 2017 over Christmas season because the have all now completed their calls from Q3 and Q3 2016 with 90% or better accuracy. All calls fully documented. 2017 Charting to be released this weekend!

Announcements in Trading Room:



Stock Chat-room Trading Transcript:

Miscellaneous chatter may be removed.

09:12 am Mathew Waterfall : Looking for a pullback in the miners today to reload likely on $NUGT. Only real trade I’m looking for. Volume should be light making early morning moves muted
09:15 am Mathew Waterfall : While American investors and traders were sleeping, the combination of a rush of computer-generated orders and low liquidity prompted a 1.6 percent spike in the euro.Coinciding with the start of the Asian trading day, the euro was trading just below $1.05 but quickly soared as high as $1.0653 , which forced dealers to cover positions at losses.According to Bloomberg , the euro wasn’t the only major currency to exhibit a sudden move. The Swiss frank similarly spiked higher by 1.6 percent against the dollar and the Japanese yen gained 0.4 percent at the same time.Within an hour the currencies mostly pared their gains. The euro was higher by around 0.5 percent ahead of Friday’s U.S. stock market open. At the same time the Swiss franc was higher by 0.4 percent and the yen erased all of its gains and was lower by 0.3 percent.The euro/U.S. dollar is the most traded currency pair but the mini-flash crash isn’t necessarily reason for concern.Shigeki Yoshitoshi, head of Japan foreign-exc
09:22 am Mathew Waterfall : $GDX levels I’m watching at the open here are 50 day at 21.92 and fib level at 22.10. Over those with a backtest and I am feeling pretty good about higher. Failure and I get nervous and look for a pullback
09:27 am Curtis M : Momo $CEMP, $NVLS, $ERIC, $CNAT, $CXRX, $MYL, $XIV, $OPHT, $ELGX, $SHPG
09:29 am Mathew Waterfall : Got in a bit of that $OPHT for a long rande pop. Would be nice if it popped sooner rather than later
09:31 am Mathew Waterfall : Legging into $NUGT swing
09:31 am Curtis M : $MRNS Long 1.11 3000
09:33 am Curtis M : Out 1.14 stopped
09:34 am Mathew Waterfall : Out $NUGT 8.77 to 9.04. Still thinking we get a pullback before EOD so playing tight
09:34 am Mathew Waterfall : $GDX over 22.1 and I’ll get back in
09:36 am Mathew Waterfall : USD/JPY ramp on deck. This is what had me nervos. Not trying to rush trades here already sitting on $IAG, $AUY, $USLV positions
09:38 am Cindy L : Long $CETX from 7.11 butI dont hink its going to hold
09:40 am Mathew Waterfall : $KSS coming off from an early attempt to run. I hate this stock so much
09:42 am Curtis M : $SSH scaling in as I can
09:45 am Mathew Waterfall : Might not get the pullback here in miners. Expecting some mid day wekaness there with a ramp in usd/jpy and equities. We’ll see
09:47 am John M : My $VBIO coming along well
09:50 am Mathew Waterfall : In a few more $OPXA at .952 after unloading some yesterday at 1.07. Very patient with this one
09:54 am Mathew Waterfall : $IMGN getting wild for all you morning momo players out there
09:55 am Jack D : $NVDA weaker than I expected
09:55 am Mathew Waterfall : $GDX clearly over target one of the 50 day. Trying to get over target 2 at 22.1
09:56 am MarketMaven M : In $OVAS small
10:03 am Mathew Waterfall : GOLD drop on deck let’s see how far this gets
10:04 am MarketMaven M : Just sold off my $JNUG from yesterday
10:05 am Mathew Waterfall : Good play MMM. I really wouldn’t be surprised to see either a 5 point pop or a 5 point drop in Gold today
10:05 am Curtis M : $SSH I am leavng 1000 shares wash
10:08 am Mathew Waterfall : USD/JPY again failing at the 9 day on the 5′. Same level that hammered it down yesterday for most of the day until they ramped it through
10:09 am darni m : Curt $MRNS WINNING! hehe
10:14 am Curtis M : $JNUG what a champ – perfect storm scenario would be a ramp in USDJPY so I can exit $DUST and enter long side of GOLD etc – I can hope
10:15 am Curtis M : Whay to go Darni
10:15 am Curtis M : I thnk i have false hope
10:15 am Mathew Waterfall : Just added back small $NUGT at .92. Still think we see lower here
10:16 am Mathew Waterfall : Looking for entry around low of day/open
10:18 am Mathew Waterfall : Here’s the flush I was after
10:20 am Mathew Waterfall : $NUGT small add 8.6
10:22 am darni m : Short $CETX
10:26 am Mathew Waterfall : Content to sit and see how this plays out at this point. EOY may get a bit weird as well so staying light
10:27 am Curtis M : Im gonna load for volatility lol
10:27 am mar del : THANKS
10:28 am Mathew Waterfall : $TVIX or $UVXY on my radar as well but I don’t like holding those too long. I’m not as confident as you are in those plays Curt
10:28 am Curtis M : Thinking vol $VIX climb here soon
10:28 am Curtis M : 14 min avg hold lol
10:29 am darni m : $VAPEjiggy
10:31 am Curtis M : nice short on $CETX dani
10:32 am Curtis M : $XBIO Resumed 10:30:23. Volatility Trading Pause. (Halted: 10:25:23)
10:34 am gary y : 500K dark pool print VXX 25.31
10:37 am Mathew Waterfall : Added a few $IAG on this pullback
10:38 am Curtis M : thanks gary
10:39 am Mathew Waterfall : Likely done for the day here. Will see how this plays out and keep my nose clean
10:47 am Greg L : Gold going to ramp EOD my guess
10:47 am Greg L : $MRNS banked and watching it for afternoon session
11:03 am Curtis M : Watching volatility and Gold for afternoon session
11:09 am Curtis M : BLOCK TRADE (Microcap): $NOK 400,000 shares @ $4.83 [11:08:18]
11:15 am Curtis M : away for 10 mins
11:18 am Curtis M : Thanks Mat makes sense

Once again our trading platform provider parsed our admin report so we have requested the rest of this transcript from them and will post as soon as it is made available to us. Third time in as many months.

Afternoon for myself was successfully trading in and out of $UVXY four times as volatility increased in the S&P 500.


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