RE: Premarket Notes

Good morning traders,

This morning is the EIA oil report at 10:30. We also have the VIX peak time cycle to consider in to Oct 21 and the Fed with their QE to the moon (that’s not really QE).

Caution, caution, caution.

In advance of October 21 I want to start doing daily (if not daily near so) swing trade set-up reviews in the main trading room. So that our positions and set-ups for on the other side of Oct 21, 2019 in to March of 2020 time cycle are clear and our clients can take full advantage.

We are expecting (if our models are correct) a significant bull run during that period in specific sectors and equities.But it will be volatile, so it will be a key period of time.

I am going to do these as time allows starting today. The time of day will vary that the review in the trading room will occur.  I will send the swing trade reviews done daily to members on email every night they are done so if you cannot be in the trading room it is no problem.

If you missed the report last night (a summary review) it is here;

Protected: Swing Trading | Premium, Oct 8: Part 3d Summary Review $VIX, $OVX, $SPY, $XLE, $OIH, $TREX, $CLX, $USO, $FLWPF, $DVA, $CL_F, $GLD, $SLV, $DXY, Crude Oil


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Our positions have been correct in to this VIX time cycle peak, we have taken our foot off the gas at the right time with equity positioning and volatility bias etc, but soon it will be time to be bullish again in equities, but first we need to deal with Oct 21.

Also, we have had some issue with our mail servers so if you receive reports in duplicate my apologies, this may continue for some time.

If you miss a report you see released (didn’t receive on email) please let me know.

Have a great day,


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