Morning Note:

Good morning traders,

On the equity side we sent out another report in the series last night for trades we are managing, starting new and those on watch. There is a summary review at the beginning of the report that is important with reference to current trade management.

Today is EIA and that should mark the new cycle in swing trade entries (normally we enter after EIA and as close to Friday late as possible). EIA is normally Wednesday.

Has been a great year for swing trades and oil trade with EPIC v3. Next year we expect to continue positive ROI growth.

EPIC v3 software is starting to short and under pressure early in sequence (as usual). Developer talk for those with an interest. #OOTT $CL_F $USO $UWT $DWT $UCO $SCO #EIA today #oiltradealerts #machinetrading

The Federal Reserve has signaled it would keep interest rates on hold through 2020 following three cuts this year. 

New year on deck so there will be many additional set-ups to review over coming days.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Morning traders:

Quad witching, could see some volatility

Oil software is in a sequence that is likely to increase size through the day, will advise with levels as we get closer to more executions. Oil software hasn’t lost (I believe) since last draw down many weeks ago but range has limited # of executions. It is doing excellent of course but we would like to see trade open up. This should change soon. We are slowly releasing throttle also to accommodate market conditions.

Swing trading entries likely light today, will advise. Significant size reporting starts this weekend to prepare for Q1 2020 run. 2019 P&L report for swing platform due out before Christmas (was another good year). 2020 we start coding the swing models for machine trade alerts.

Stay safe,