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Good morning all,

We have been in a hole over the last 5 days onboarding our Gen 1 machine trading models to our trading platforms and over that period there have been a number of questions emailed / messaged to me, I’ve consolidated the questions and answer to them is below.

Detail for those booked to our next bootcamp;

The next trade coaching bootcamp is in Cabarete Dominican Republic Sept 14, 15, 16.


Starting today, as reports are released weekly, registrants to the boot camp will receive the following reporting free in advance of and for the purpose of study / preparation for the training (with a retail value therein obviously greater than the cost of the bootcamp training itself – this is a bonus value add that most registrants do not know about);








Swing Trading

Premarket report

Various other member reporting and video as it is released weekly.

The only regular report released so far this week is oil per below (the others are in process for the week and will be rolling out later today);


Password: OILTRADE

The swing trading platform reports will be considerable over the next 10 days as all equities we follow are being reviewed at mid day and a video and report sent to members and trade coaching registrants daily (a special reporting event with earnings season here) – these will be very important to review for preparation in advance of the boot camp and will obviously assist your personal trading greatly. The first in this series of video reports for swing trading members and booked attendees to the trading bootcamp will be sent out later today.

The next generation algorithm models (Gen 1 machine models) will be released / rolled out to members and trade coaching boot camp registrants between the end of July and Aug 14, 2018 (we are testing them in house starting today for a week or so prior to roll-out).

Bootcamp attendees can follow these Twitter handles for live trading alerts (return an email to me with your Twitter handle if you have not already done so, we will open the feed to you within 48 hours of receipt);


Note: The alerts have been slower the last few weeks with the roll over of models and automated trading platform integration but will be considerably more active commencing within 48 hours now that this has been accomplished internally.

Prior to the training you will receive instructions detailing the specific itinerary for training, log in credentials and any other study material the lead trader deems important for your review prior to training.

In person attendees that require travel planning assistance, I will be reaching out this weekend to assist as you need (email me if you need any help arranging travel or lodging).

For members in general, if you are wondering about reporting and alerts, regular reporting will recommence this evening and be complete within 48 hours. Trade alerts will recommence now as our new automated trading platform has been integrated to the new models for our team. And for those asking about invoicing, they will be out to members over the next few days now that our schedules are less constrictive. Onboarding the gen 1 machine trading models took us a few more days than expected (software dev can often be boggy at best) – but it is complete as of 5 AM EST today.

In summary, we’ve completed the next gen model integration and all reporting and alerting recommences today.

Any other questions please let me know.

Warm regards,


How to Trade the FitBit (FIT) Stock Move $FIT. 

Trading Plan in this Edition Includes; FitBit the Company, Fundamental / News Trade Set-up, Technical Trade Set-up – FitBit Charting, Simple Algorithmic Chart Structure (model) with Price targets, Fibonacci support and resistance, trading quadrants (diagonal Fibonacci trend-lines).

Welcome to a member and mailing list exclusive trading set-up I see having a significant possible return. 

FitBit the Company:

The company website can be found here

The Wikipedia page for those unaware of FitBit the company is here

Fitbit is an American company headquartered in San Francisco, California, known for its products of the same name, which are activity trackers, wireless-enabled wearable technology devices that measure … Wikipedia
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States
Founded: 2007, San Francisco, California, United States
CEO: James Park
CFO: William Zerella
Chief marketing officer: Tim Rosa
Founders: James Park, Eric Friedman

Fundamental Trading Set-Up (historical trade, news, sentiment):

FIT has been trading in a bottom pattern since earnings Feb 26, 2018.

Sentiment has been awful in recent months with articles like this one; Fitbit Earnings: The Spiral Continues
Can the beleaguered wearables maker pull out of this nosedive? Leo Sun (TMFSunLion) May 6, 2018 at 2:11PM where the author discusses paragraph topic headings such as…

Looking for flickers of life

Plenty of headwinds

So will Fitbit head to zero?

Fitbit is not on our top “Buy” list, but these 10 stocks are

Today news of their recent order shipments was released (Versa watch sales biggest on record) sending the stock soaring intra-day.

Fitbit stock gains after company says Versa watch is its ‘fastest selling’ product in history with more than a million devices shipped

Published: June 4, 2018 9:26 a.m. ET

FIT Technical Trade Set-up (the chart):

As noted above, FIT has been trading in a bottoming pattern for months (since early 2018). Below is the FIT chart structure static image and link to the real-time chart.

FITBIT (FIT) Chart. Over 5.87 targets 6.16 6.22 6.67 PT June 28. Closed 5.86 bullish on news. $FIT #chart #swingtrading #daytrading

FITBIT, FIT, Chart, daytrading, swingtrading

FITBIT (FIT) Chart. Over 5.87 targets 6.16 6.22 6.67 PT June 28. Closed 5.86 bullish on news. $FIT #chart #swingtrading #daytrading

How to Trade FIT:

As noted above, FitBit closed the day 5.86 just over a Fibonacci support at 5.87 (green horizontal).

The good news is that over 5.87 then targets 6.16 then 6.22 then the June 28, 2018 price-target of 6.67 PT June 28 (red circle).

The downside is that there is a Fibonacci diagonal trend-line (blue dotted line on charting) right over-head. If trade stays under that you can consider that significant resistance. If trade gets over that trend-line then you can consider it support to the price target mentioned for on or about June 28.

If upside trade occurs and the price target of 6.67 is reached before June 28 then be sure to significantly trim longs in to that target price. If trade gets over that important resistance / price target then add above and continue trend as there is a POSSIBLE BULLISH PRICE TARGET ON JUNE 28 of 7.73 (possible, not probable – but possible).

In a bearish scenario the first and most probable price target is 5.60 on June 28 – but this scenario relative to trade strength on today’s news is unlikely. In a complete wash-out the June 28 most bearish scenario (price target) is 4.55.

How to Swing Trade FIT – Chart Buy / Sell Triggers:

The white arrow on our charting point to the main chart buy / sell triggers. The ideal way to swing trade our trading set-ups is to trade from arrow to arrow.

In this instance, the lower support where a trader would ideally like to enter long is at 5.62 and FIT closed the day at 5.86. Nevertheless you can time entry with intra-day trade based on the Fibonacci support and resistance lines (and more). If you need assistance in timing your trades I highly encourage a few hours of private trade coaching at some point.

Anyway, the swing trading set-up is to enter as close to the support at 5.62 in anticipation of the price target at 6.67 for June 28. More active traders will trim in to each resistance and add above or alternatively add on any pullbacks to Fibonacci support lines as trade develops on the chart.

In a perfect scenario shorts panic and a really bullish scenario plays out and your swing trade nets you a fantastic return when the most bullish swing trade scenario target hits June 28 at 7.73.

I will re-iterate that a few hours of trade coaching or study on exactly how to trim in to resistance and how to add to your positions on winners and how to cut losses properly and quickly will return huge dividends.

Also, you can subscribe to our Weekly Swing Trading Newsletter service here, use temporary Promo Code “30P” for 30% off Reg 119.00 Sale Price 83.30.

Or click here to subscribe and get 30% off Real-Time Swing Trading Alerts Reg 99.00 Sale Price 69.37 use temporary Promo Code “Deal30” for 30% off.

I personally guarantee our swing trading service is one of the best in the business and it’s very reasonably priced considering the technical expertise invested in the platform.

Any questions feel welcome to contact me anytime.

Best with this trade!

Peace and best.



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Good evening folks!

Hope you’re having a fantastic Memorial Day Long Weekend:)

My name is Jen, and I’m the new Administrator / Business Manager at the Compound Trading Group. This is my introduction to our members (I told em I needed an edge in my introduction so here it goes!).

The team here has authorized a one-time (never before offered) 40% discount on any service our members / swing trade mailing list subs wish to take advantage of over the long weekend and in to Tuesday at 12:00 midnight Eastern time.

Go to the shop section click here and use discount code “JEN40”, if you have any problem at check-out let me know and I will assist as needed. Also, our pricing grid is available here.

This one-time (and likely never offered again) offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, is only available as a discount to current pricing (not early adoption pricing some may have been used to), can be used as a credit toward future subscription fees (if your subscription is not due yet), can be used for multiple items, and is only available to members and/or mailing list subscribers.

This is my way of saying hello and a big thanks to Curtis and the team for allowing it!

Also important for members…

Watch for many notes from me over the coming days – I’ll be catching up on the invoicing of members (as I know the team has been behind on this and other clerical duties with the new coding team starting and all), I’ve got a number of changes to the website and offerings, I’ll be sending out updates as our new operations in 2018 roll out from the dev team and there will be other house cleaning tasks.

My aim is to serve the member base and our trading team so if you need anything or have any suggestions for our growing service email me or at the main email and I will assist you right away.

Thank you and have a great trading week!