A New Global Market Time Cycle is Upon Us, Below is Part One Of The Report: Trade Signals For My AngloGold Ashanti Limited (AU) Swing Trade Strategy.

AngloGold Ashanti (AU) is a portfolio protection trade. Increased market volatility becomes more and more likely as we crest the June 10, 2019 global market time cycle peak and over the next six years (global time cycle report to follow).

Hedging a portfolio with low to negative beta trades is one trading strategy we will be employ in to and during this large time cycle.

First, a review of some conventional Anglo Gold charting and then in the Part 2 Premium Member Report we will look closer at algorithmic structured charting, Fibonacci levels, baseline support target price prior to entering trade and time cycles for timely entries to the long and short side of the trade strategy. In Part 2 I will also provide links to all charting.

About AngloGold Ashanti (AU).

AngloGold Ashanti is the third-largest gold mining company in the world, measured by production. Company website https://www.anglogoldashanti.com/.

AngloGold Ashanti Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AngloGold_Ashanti.

Market Watch: AngloGold Ashanti swings to profit- Published: Feb 19, 2019 1:29 a.m. ET https://www.marketwatch.com/story/anglogold-ashanti-swings-to-profit-2019-02-19.

Four Ways to Time a Swing Trade Entry in AngloGold Ashanti Limited (AU) $AU #swingtrading

  1. Stochastic RSI. The blue arrow on the chart below shows the stochastic RSI, ideally you want to long this trade when it is first curling up not near the top. However, it can ride the top for some time, so this is more difficult. We have a baseline support price (above current price) we want to see before entering the trade (see Part 2 of this report).
  2. MACD. The MACD on a daily or weekly time frame (depending on how active you want to be in the trade) is one of the most successful methods to time swing trades (or trend / directional trajectory trading). The MACD is currently trending up and has lots of room to run.
  3. The 200 MA is also a great signal for trading. Price consolidated above the 200 MA (pink arrow on chart below) on the daily and price has since started to trade higher – in gap mode with recent market uncertainty.
  4. Squeeze Momentum Indicator – a proprietary indicator from Trading View I personally use in most swing trades, when green I go, only when it’s green (unless some other significant signals are present).
AU, trade, timing, swingtrading

Four ways to time your swing trade in AngloGold Ashanti Limited (AU) $UA #swingtrading

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Price Targets And Sizing for a Long Position in AngloGold Ashanti Trade

Limiting downside exposure is key in trading (risk management). Ideally you want to time your entry with an initial position and add to the position through the first third (or so) of the trade and trim your position in the last third (or so) of the trading range.

Price targets are difficult and limiting (unless you are using in depth algorithmic chart models with clear time cycles), but I will do my best below to give you some idea. But first be sure you set a minimum low side price or have an indicator as an absolute sell indication if the long trade does not work for you (for example, you could say that if the MACD on the daily turns down you will close the trade).

Keeping it simple, you could target the four areas of the chart per below (blue lines). The first fills the historical gap (the most obvious) and the three other a sequential (derived from Fibonacci and price) as key areas that are likely to find over supply in your upside trade.

The four areas (price targets) are also below the 50% range of historical pricing. This leaves you with additional opportunity for returns above the 50% range should this trade timing be spot on (or even near spot on).

The other general way to time your price targets is to trim your trade position at previous highs on the chart or ebb and flow your positioning between Fibonacci levels.

For my personal trade strategy, this is a portfolio positioning long side trade that could last well in to 2025 and beyond. Above the 50% region of historical price you could hold a small amount as a bonus.

price targets, trading, AngloGold, AU, Chart

Price targets for swing trading AngloGold Ashanti AU $UA #tradestrategy

Timing Your Trade.

AngloGold closed trade on Friday up 7.26% on the day trading 13.29. Given the rise in price late last week I would encourage you in your trading strategy to time your entry on a pull back, however, a pull back in price may not occur any time soon (considering the current market turmoil). And finally I would note that the June 10, 2019 time cycle peak could see either a run up in equity markets or down on the other side, so you may want to wait a few weeks (more on global time cycle expectations in global markets in premium reports to follow).

Part Two of the AngloGold trading strategy available click here (premium).

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