RE: EIA, FOMC, Time Cycles, Leaks, Lambos and Fine Cigars.

Good morning traders!

It’s EIA day with 10:30 crude inventories, FOMC crazy and me fightin’ with GuruLeaks1 again.

Swing reporting did not get completed, yes once again sorry, but Jen and Nikki have committed their evening to be sure I don’t get distracted again and we’re going to finish up the new set ups for this time cycle tonight. Many thanks for your patience.

Don’t believe anything I put out to the world on my personal Twitter, we appreciate each and one of you and are grateful for you choosing us.

I just don’t like everyone else much.

Time to make some money, buy a new lambo, buy some fine cigars, and rock this thing.

See ya in the trading room but likely won’t be trading until EIA rings the bell of the sardines caught in the headlights of the casino lights at 10:30 AM.

On mic in room when actually trading and just prior to regular US open at 9:30.

Big day, yuge time cycle and we’re pumped for battle.

I feel 19 again.

Best and Peace,