Good evening all,

This is the back stretch of the final lap in our first year startup. Between now and Jan 1 we are completing and polishing up all our algorithm models and swing reporting to present as finished products in advance of coding. Below are some details with respect to this endeavor.

– The oil room will be open when futures begin trading. If you missed it, we are not alerting reboots every 20 hours on Twitter each time the oil room opens. We want to keep that feed as close to alerts only as possible.

– The seven algorithmic model reports and swing will be processed after futures open and before regular market open tomorrow. This will give us an opportunity to reset charts as required to Trading View rebalance – especially after the holiday week. Bitcoin will likely be the last published as trade is very active and I would like to see it settle a bit in to the new week before publishing.

– Any reporting that is not out by market open Monday will be out before market open Tuesday – but the bulk of any important reports will be out before market open Monday.

– The algorithm chart model and swing trading reports as of this week will start to represent buy / sell triggers. The buy sell trigger charting will be built in to the reports more and more as we near Jan 2018 simply because our coding of models will require them anyway. So in other words, what you see this week will not be what they will represent when fully updated going in to Jan 2018 – but it will be a good start.

– Any comments you have toward our chart models that you think would help us better assist our members and / or better represent data to our software engineers in 2018 for coding purposes please let us know.

– The Oil, Gold, Swing models are furthest along at this point, with Bitcoin close behind. The VIX, DXY and Silver models will take some time to build out – but we intend to have them done by Jan at latest FYI.

As always, thanks for supporting our start up as early adopters! Could not have done it without you.

Have a great week.


PS There are price increases coming in Jan after all the models are complete and prior to coding. There will also be increases at various milestones as the models are coded – for those that do not know, our early adopters will not see a price increase (as long as their subscription doesn’t lapse). I thought I’d mention that because a few folks have recently asked about that.

Good morning $SPY $VIX $DXY members,

We have completed all models prior to starting coding in 2018 with the exceptions $SPY $VIX $DXY.

Over the coming days and weeks (starting today), using what we have learned in developing the other models, we will be engaging a process to re-balance / re-do the $SPY $VIX $DXY models.

As the charts are produced (forming the next generation of the models) we will be emailing members updates (as well as posting some for the public).

So as the process progresses you will receive a selection of charts we are building that will culminate in the next gen models in preparation for 2018 coding.

In many instances you will receive charting for all three (as we roll out the new charting) even if you are only a member of one of the three services.

Thank you for your patience and support.


A quick post storm update before I leave my beach home in Sosua today. I’m going to see if I can get a quick recreational free-dive in today, check on neighbors and look toward settling in to my work before the week starts.

The last few days have been filled with “getting back to normal” activities – cleaning up the area and getting my office reinstated for work.

The Hurricane

Hurricane Irma hit the north shore Dominican Republic on Thursday, causing damage to north coast homes and flooding in some areas.

Reuter’s images below shows how some local area fared (credit to UK Express). There is also a link to an Express article below and also a tweet of satellite imagery that shows how close the eye came to our beach community (our location was just south of the eye of the storm in that image on the shore of the Dominican).

Images of our area.

Hurricane Irma, Dominican Republic

UK Express Article about the storm:

Satellite image of just how lucky we were that they eye of the storm stayed just north of us off the coast.

Among towns hit by Irma were Sosua (where my beach residence / home office is) and neighboring communities Cabaret and Puerto Plata.

“More than 5,500 people in the country were evacuated in the run-up to the storm”, officials said.

Prior to the eye of the storm approaching (Wed evening) I had hunkered down in my beach residence with Monkey (the bulldog) thinking that if it got “too bad” we would retreat to higher ground. Well, I accidentally fell asleep and Monkey woke me up around 4 am and it was serious.

So I contacted local friends (we still had internet) and off we went (a few miles inland). Cathy and Richard (local friends and owners of Wildefire Properties) once again were the angels that saved my butt (there have been previous near death experiences I won’t go in to hahaha).

At 11:47 AM I posted this video from their home thinking that the eye of the storm was as close to us as it would get… I thought that’s not so bad. I even got my temporary office set up and started to broadcast in to our main trading room. But then communications went down and the storm got more serious.

So yes, my communications went down (trading room broadcast ended) and we sat and waited out the storm – fortunate to be inland, up high, in a modern home. The trees breaking around us like twigs was intimidating but all in all we fared well considering.

Later that afternoon Rich delivered Monkey and I back to the beach house and our beach wasn’t calm anymore and much of Playa Alicia beach had changed. Other locals on the beach fared well but it was obvious (with the downed trees everywhere and local building damage) that it was better to be away from the shoreline.

Interestingly enough, I was one of the only folks in the Sosua beach area with internet because the primary source locals use was down, cell networks were down etc so locals asked if they could use my internet to communicate with family etc. So I had a number of visitors in among the damage strewn in my yard.

Note: when I first got to Sosua about 3 months ago, because local internet was not stable enough for our trading room broadcasting and uploading requirements, I had arranged for fiber internet be brought in from near 2 miles away on a small cable line that literally runs from downtown over and with power lines through trees down the beach edge through the restaurant property behind all my neighbors homes (in their yards) and in to my home (i have actually walked the line in amazement).

I cleaned up my yard Thursday evening and helped neighbors get cleaned up, unpacked my office, mopped the floors, took all the tape off the windows and started broadcasting in to oil trading room by midnight Thursday night. Friday was a normal day in the trading rooms – broadcasting was only interrupted once in premarket with a quick power outage.

Post Storm – a plea for aid and thank-you!

Today I am going to try and get a quick swim (rec dive) and see if any neighbors need any final clean up help and post this personal update and plea for aid.

There are many ways folks that can help those less fortunate than my story. In my most humble opinion, with storms like Irma, Harvey, Jose, the earthquake in Mexico and others raging it seems… please reach out as you are able. On a personal level I am doing my best as time allows to help folks in my community, but I intend to take that a step further and formalize our contribution (corporately) – I encourage anyone that can please do so.

I now will go and do that dive, dig in with the community and then turn my focus on getting our reporting and systems ready for futures market open Sunday evening.

My best and peace (and from everyone here) to all those supporting from out there in the world. Prayers for Florida, Cuba in the path of Irma, those now in the path of Jose and all affected:) And remember to take your pet!


Interns Wanted

Full time, part time, casual. Non paid internships that often lead to paid / junior partnership roles within our growing team at Compound Trading.

Who Are We?

Compound Trading is a Wall Street trading group that encompasses online trading rooms, market newsletters (algorithm models, day trading, swing trading), algorithm model development, coaching, special event training and private capital funds.

What Would We Have You Do?

Working from your personal remote office, within our online trading community, you will learn about and be responsible for an area of our trading service platform. Reporting to senior management, you may be wholly responsible for a specific area or work within a small team responsible for a service segment of our trading community.

Example areas of Compound Trading growing and need your help:

  • Algorithm Models (Current models in development are; Cryptocurrency, Oil, Gold, Silver, VIX, SPY, US Dollar with others in the pipeline).
  • Swing Trading
  • Day Trading
  • Private Capital Fund(s) Model Roll-Out
  • Coaching Platform and/or Trading Event Organization
  • Website Development, Blogging, SEO, Monetization
  • Algorithm #IA Coding and Development
  • Regulatory and Compliance

Specific areas of responsibility within each of the Algorithms Models, Swing Trading and Day Trading services listed above:

  • Algorithm Model Charting
    • Updating the algorithm model with charting specific to method prescribed.
  • Weekly Newsletter(s)
    • Write and distribute by email member and public weekly newsletter with regular updates as required.
    • Unlocking historical posts for transparency.
    • Distribution of profit and loss statements for transparency.
  • Daily Newsletter(s)
    • Premarket and post market reports.
    • Embedding trading room transcripts.
  • Social Feeds, Podcasts, Email Marketing Etc.
    • Newsletter / model updates posted.
    • Chart updates posted.
    • General market information specific to the segment of market service applies to.
    • Price increases and/or limited offers.
    • Open house coordination
    • Email marketing list maintenance
  • You Tube
    • Sharing videos of trading room, training sessions and various other.
  • Alerts
    • Trading the specific algorithm model, daytrades, swing trades (as applicable).
    • Alerting model trades to Twitter and in live trading room (as applicable).
  • Trading Rooms
    • Opening and closing trading rooms.
    • Running charts.
    • Alerts in room.
    • Monitoring.
  • Blogging
    • Writing a regular post (weekly or monthly) about various topics specific to service area.


Interested parties may email with your story, availability, and goals. Or, if you are wondering how other interns have done within our trading group simply visit our free public online chat room and pose your question about the experience of others in our public lounge. You can also reach out on Twitter to or

Learn more about us at


My top ten trading set-ups for this week are varied and represent charts that I will watch for daytrades that may turn in to swing trades depending how they go.

  1. $AAOI
  2. $HIIQ
  3. $LITE
  4. $SRG
  5. $RSX
  6. $BDSI
  7. $ABEO
  8. $IMGN
  9. $CVRS
  10. $CLLS

Some were brought my way by one or more members or traders in the community and I haven’t mentioned them because looking up every DM is difficult when time is short. Please forgive that.

Good luck this week!


For Daytraders Learning How to Trade (and win regularly). This Video and Post Covers Intra-day Scalping and How to Daytrade and Win (being on the right side of the 1%).

A trading process is critical – this video and quick blog post will give the learning daytrader one more tool in their trading toolkit. Intra-day wash-out trading and what indicators to watch for.

This video is the raw daytrading video from Monday July 3, 2017. There are two $CARA trades that each last less than 4 mins. 2250.00 approx profit on the two. Also a small loss on $OPXA and a flat on $CARA. The $CARA trades are at 40:50 – 44:12 entry 16.25 5000 shares and out at 16.50 for 1250.00 profit and the second is at 1:06:19 on video in at 17.26 and out 17.47 5000 shares for + 1,000.00 profit. But I highly recommend anyone learning how to daytrade momentum stocks, market open trades, or wash – out snap backs (which is what this was) watch the complete video.

I don’t say this often (if you have watched any of my vids you will know I don’t) but I am telling you that if you are not winning regularly daytrading this is a video to study.

The reason a learning trader should watch the whole video are the inflections moment to moment are very important. How I identified the 200 ma on 5 min as critical and the 100 ma on the 15 min and how they played in to the 5 min candles as it related to price on the quarters and percentage gain intraday % on quarters and many other important moment to moment inflections.

Daytrading isn’t easy but there are systematic ways to do it. You just need to learn the moment to moment inflections and dynamics and what to watch for. You also need to learn your charting and have excellent emotional discipline. And most of all I believe you should have a coach like any good athlete or competitor. It is very very important.

Anyway, what you are doing when you daytrade is you are trading against the very best in the world. You are trading against yourself and your emotions – that is true, but you are most trading against the best in the world and they will take your money if you don’t have the skillset (the tools) and the training that allows you to execute with-out hesitation. You have to train and be able to execute like a robot – with-out the emotion, without thinking. Why? Because that is what the best in the world are doing at micro seconds in these trades. You need to be in and out when they are. You will notice after I leave this trade for the day that the stock falls off and doesn’t come back. I scalped the top and left.

What you are doing when you daytrade is you are trading against the very best in the world

The other important point in this type of trading is that this is how a small account trader can consistently build a small account. Now sure, this size of stock may not work (you need 1.00 stocks) but the discipline is the same. Take the indicators and inflections I discuss and be sure to cut very very fast if you don’t get momentum very quickly in your trade. Take the broker fee loss and just learn how to enter right before spikes (the power part of PTPTRR that I discuss in the freedom traders posts on our blog).

Best to you and if you need a hand reach out and I’ll do my best.


Email, Website, Twitter @curtmelonopoly, Discord

The video (which is premarket right before open and then in to the trading day) also covers $USOIL, $DXY, $SPEX, $EYS, $NBGGY, $IMMU, $WETF

Also, for traders learning their technical set-ups I also recommend this video from our Freedom Traders series:

Trading Set-ups. How-To Develop a Systematic – Predictable Process. Part 6 a) “Freedom Traders” Series.

#daytrading, #wash-out, #snapbacks, #stocks, #scalping, #howto, #tradingprocess, $CARA

Morning all,

Now that internet in the new location is perfect, we are getting caught up.

This evening trading room post market reports will be rolling again, Gold algo second phase launched and SPY second phase updated.

That will bring us pretty much up to date with some minor misc clean up outstanding.

Going forward: Quarterly PLs for Swing, Daytrading, and Algo trading are on deck, swing newsletters are getting an overhaul very soon, Silver algo second phase launch within fourteen days and daily oil trading room post market reports about two – three weeks out.

Thanks again for the rope extended in the transition.


Part Seven a) of the “Freedom Traders” Series: Trading Plans. How I Build my Personal Trading Plan and Watch List for Swing Trading and Day Trading.


Below is a quick post about how to develop your own trading plan watch list for both day trading and swing trading. I’ve also done a quick 23 minute video for you on the topic. I keep my method simple so its quick and efficient. Once I’ve found a stock that meets my set-up criteria then the real work begins (refer to part 6 for trading set-ups or our daily mid day review videos to understand more of my methods).

The Purpose.

The purpose of a trading plan is to provide you (the trader) with a focused target list for the day (for day traders) or a watch list for swing trading. It is a short list, or I like to look at it as my journal. From there you can build out your specific chart set up criteria for each possible trade.

How to Build a Trading Plan Watch List: Video Number One.

Topics in How I Build a Trading Plan Watch List Video 1:

The primary focus in building your plan in my opinion is to keep it easy.

I use my hot list on Trading View charting software. My hot list are momentum stocks on each day that have liquidity.

I look at each momentum stock to see if each is setting up in accordance to the trade set-ups that I am looking for (refer to our mid day review chart trade set ups videos on You Tube to understand my set ups).

When I find a stock that it developing as a great set up I then chart the set up and set the alarms for Swing Trading first and the for Day Trading on tighter time frames.

And that is as simple as it gets and then I don’t have to listen to the noise on CNBC, on social media etc.

It works time and time again. Simple and effective. Check my results:)

Click here for the link to sign on to any of our services.

Message me anytime with your story or questions. And if you follow me on Twitter and I don’t follow back so you can DM then send us an email to with your Twitter handle.



Previous Freedom Trader Post Links: 

Part 1 : My Personal Stock Trading Story. How I Blew up Two Accounts and then Learned How to Trade.

Part 2: Trading Checklist (Rules) I Follow Before Triggering a Stock Trade.

Part 3: Now I’m Inspired. A Struggling Trader That Inspired Change. 

Part 4: We Want (Need) You! Apply to Nearest Recruiting Station.

Part 5: Learn How to Trade Stocks (Build a Small Account) Following my Journey. 

Part 6 a: Trading Set-ups. How-To Develop a Systematic – Predictable Process.

Part 6 b: Trading Set-ups. Video Explains Predictable Winning Process.

Article Topics; Compound, Trading, Plan, Watch List, Freedom, Traders, Learn, How to, Day Trading, Swing Trading

Morning all!

I’m trying to keep you all in the loop because I get various questions and can’t remember who needs to know what day to day – so these quick memos help me keep everything moving forward in a clear way.

And to think I will have to do this all over again in a few months hahaha (the travel set up thing – but I will be an expert by then).

Buzz in Headset

I spent the night tearing down the office set up and re-wiring and resetting everything. Hopefully that gets rid of the buzz in the headset. I tested it and it seemed fine but it is intermittent so we’ll see. If that doesn’t get rid of it tonight after market I’ll head over to local computer store and get a different grounding power bar and look at possibly new head sets. And if all that doesn’t work I’ll look around the area of my house and see if there’s nearby equipment or something that may cause interference.


So now I can get busy on catching up all the reporting (it will likely take until the end of Sunday to be completely caught up on all areas of our reporting).

Reading Memos / My Obligation

I responded to a number of DM’s and emails last night. One thing I’d like you to keep in mind is that when you ask me questions my options are to tell you what I think you want to hear or tell you what I think will help you make money. The latter is rarely popular with newer members, but it is my personal obligation. So don’t take it personal and if you think I take it personal I don’t – the only thing I take personal is making you money.

The New Member Experience

I’ve noticed that newer members come in very anxious, then they sort of stop and look around after a while and go “this is weird everyone is so calm” and then after a while “hey they actually win maybe there’s a reason they’re calm” and then “hey they have a process maybe I should try it” and then I get the messages “CURT! you wouldn’t believe it I AM MAKING MONEY! HOLY SH*T THANK YOU!” Seriously, it happens all the time – every day.

Why? Because the 99% truly do give the 1% their money on the markets.

The whole system is rigged in the way that it feeds back to the retail trading community what it wants to hear not what it should hear. Why? Because it sells.

I won’t go off on how it all works, but that is how it works. I don’t and wont ever treat my relationship with my members that way. I can’t do it. So when you talk to me you get straight goods. I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what your problems are, I don’t care how good you are. I only care about whether you are taking what we know to be a process(es) that makes you money and learning it (them) and whether you are banking. That’s my job. To make you money. And that’s only done if you read my f’ing memos lol and you get honest with yourself and me.

Make sense? Good. Everything we do is documented and transparent – we don’t function like most.

A Team is Building

Yes! There is a team building. Way to go guys and gals! You are doing it! Soon there will be the first level or layer complete and there will be about fifty in the team that are profiting on a regular basis. Quite an accomplishment if you ask me as many of you (95%) were not profitable when you joined:) Now close to 80 even 90% of you are profitable – likely closer to 80% ish.

SO in summary, WE ARE BUILDING A TRADING GROUP OF WINNERS THAT WIN we are not building a sell you what you want to hear service. SO READ THE MEMOS! And don’t ask me questions that I’ve already answered in memos and material:) Do your homework! Be transparent, publish your trades in the room to help me help you (or at minimum send the entries and exits to me on DM or on email). I CANNOT HELP IF YOU DON’T DO THAT.

Hopefully the caps help get the point across to newer members lol

For those that have reached out to assist as interns, moderators, affiliates etc… we will contact you this weekend! Yes! For sure:)!

Anyway, now that I have internet and it seems my headset buzz is fixed I can get on to getting your reports up to date finally also:)

Cheers and Peace.


If you are receiving this and want to be taken off the list reply back and we’ll delete you from whatever list you’re on. And we’ll block you and you can never come back. Joking:) Have a great day all.

Evening all!

Once again, apologies for some that are receiving this more than once (you’re on multiple lists).

Super excited – been on an island for a week without useable internet and now its finally here. Yes, high speed fiber! Just call me Gilligan.

Oil room charting has been on since 6 pm this afternoon without a glitch – novel.

Anyway, quick update:

Now that I have internet I’ll have to make up the last week so watch out world!

I will be in oil room going forward at midnight EST each night until 4PM EST. The downtime I get away from trading is 4PM to midnight daily. That time (as of Monday) will be covered by moderators (not that there won’t be moderators trained for other parts of day also). And yes, during market hours I’ll be trading both rooms.

The interns / moderators etc that have expressed interest we will be reaching out this weekend.

Every evening for the foreseeable future in the oil room (when I arrive around midnight) I will be doing training sessions that I will video (we will also have video for whole sessions btw). Anyway, the point is that members that cant be in the room during those trading and how to use EPIC the Oil Algo charting sessions will be able to get the video and watch it later. Some I will leave public (especially in beginning) and many only members to oil room will be able to access on You Tube.

NOW that the internet is working (there was a tropical storm this evening while I got some sleep and no down time fyi) the regular reporting for the newsletters, oil room regular room and all other services will get back to normal over next 72 hours as we catch up.

Any other questions please email of DM anytime – I’ll be in a much better and approachable mood now that I can trade and earn with working internet:) Oh, and yes, I have learned the lessons of trading and traveling! A blog post for others is on the list:)

Thanks again for for grace through this frustrating time and we’ll see you in the room(s)!