Compound Trading Member Memorandum

Feb 3, 2017

Just a quick note / ramble to update our members on immediate and longer term developments for our charting reports, trade room and various stock trading services:

  • Morning Reports. Friday reports, those we are processing overnight – some do not require mid-week updates, will be VERY BRIEF mid week reports and full reports will be updated on weekend. All levels for all algorithmic charting models remain the same and our members have the existing levels.
    • $DXY Model – $DXY US Dollar / $USDJPY are at support decisions.
    • $GOLD is at a support decision.
    • $SILVER is at a support decision.
    • $VIX is trading within the model and classic indicators.
    • $OIL is testing important resistance decisions.
    • $SPY is trading within the model and classic indicators.
    • Swing Trading members have all current levels (more on updates below).
  • Algorithmic Chart Models Completing. This weekend we will be completing the last of what we consider Phase I of our algorithmic models. Phase I is defined as completing algorithmic chart models (for our traders to use on a traditional stock chart as an edge) to include all the important applicable levels for both classic charting and algorithmic chart modeling such as;
    • Classic indicator charting;
      • Fibonacci levels,
      • Horizontal trend-lines (support and resistance from various time cycles),
      • Diagonal trend-lines (support and resistance from various time cycles),
      • Swing trading range (margins of highest probability),
      • Various other classic indicators such as moving averages, MACD and more as applicable and most important to the specific equity charting.
    • Algorithmic chart modeling;
      • Alpha algo targets (specific time and price – see EPIC the Oil Algo for examples),
      • Alpha algo diagonal trend-lines (support and resistance),
      • Algo diagonal trend-lines based on Fibonacci modeling,
      • Algorithm time/price cycles (terminations),
      • Algorithm trading quadrants (related to time/price cycles and historical trading),
      • And more (all those fun indicators we are processing historical data on and representing on charts for our traders to use as an edge).
  • Miscellaneous Points. A few points about the status of our chart model development;
    • $DXY US Dollar is complete and testing very high so it will be published in full (testing similar to Gold, Silver and Oil models at 80% – 93% accuracy),
    • $VIX and $SPY will be published but are testing with the least predictability of the six.
    • The Gold and Silver algorithms – we are finished testing alpha algo lines – we have not been including these in reports to date (used for support and resistance) and algo targets (both similar to EPIC the Oil Algo charting)… new member updates will have those indicators on the charting like EPIC does. So this is actually big news for our Silver and Gold charting. For those wondering about the different kinds of algorithmic model indicators we endeavor to include in our models EPIC the Oil Algo is the best one to view to get an idea of the process and where we are going with each.
    • The swing trading service has been going extremely well, members have been sending all kinds of positive feedback. We will be significantly updating it this weekend. We also have been running model trading accounts for each swing service that we hope to get out soon – interesting results – very, very positive methodology evidence transpiring.
  • Profit and Loss Statements. My personal profit and loss statements for my large swing account and small account build are on our weekend publishing list too.
  • Daily Trading Results. I am behind on posting some of the daily trading results – will get those done also.
  • Your Feedback is Important! We have had a lot of email feedback from members, if you have any feedback please send it in, it really helps our planning and these to-do lists. It’s a community effort – your input is valuable. Ideas, thoughts, things we are doing right, things we can improve… please send us a note.
  • Weekly Webinars! We are also going to post a weekly webinar schedule this weekend for;
    • Members that would like a more in depth understanding of our charting and how to specifically use each chart for each equity will be able to attend weekly. Webinars will be done for our six algorithmic charting models, our swing trading service and our trading room. There will be one webinar each week at a set time for each service, every week. So yes, eight short webinars about 30 minutes each or 4 hours a week. If there is a day and/or time best for you weekly to take part please let us know for consideration!
    • Subscribers Considering our Services. We will be running a weekly webinar for those considering signing up that want to know more about our systems – we get so many inquiries – this way we can refer inquiring minds to a weekly 30 minute webinar that explains our algorithmic chart modeling and our swing service. So this will make it 4.5 hours of webinars done weekly.
  • Promo Discounts. So we did extend them for the members that asked, remember the promo codes shut down on weekend.

I think that covers our news, updates, morning charting advisory and stuff on our to-do list so that everyone knows our direction!

Thanks again!


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The data issue I had in the chatroom from the exchanges today on my stock charting… they posted an explanation (excerpt below).


As some of you may have noticed, we are currently experiencing issues with some data sets on our charts.

We’ve confirmed that the issue is with our data provider ICE Data (renamed from the recently acquired Interactive Data). We are working closely with them to resolve everything as soon as possible – so far we’ve received three updates, which do not provide an ETA as of the time of this post.

It’s not typical in the financial data provider industry to be down for a long time, due to the nature of the markets. This means hopefully the data will be back on fairly soon, we are hoping by end of day today. We’ll keep everyone updated if more news come up, but if things get fixed – you’ll simply see the charts start working!

Thanks for your patience and continued support. It doesn’t depend on us but we are trying to help fix it.

Looks like it’s repaired and Tuesday will be back to normal – yeehaw cause that was a tough tough tough day trying to reset with different charting – just wasn’t the same. I had around eight plays I was considering and could only pull the trigger on the oil $UWTI trade (which actually worked out well +3% on small portfolio today).

So back to normal tomorrow.


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Welcome to our Stock Trading Chat Room!

Below are memorandum notes important for our subscribers as we move from pre-launch to official launch Jan 1, 2107. Please check back regularly as many regular questions will have answers posted here along with various important updates. HERE is the link to enter our stock chat room (free to public until Dec 1, 2016).

Nov 4, 2016 Updates:

The screen sharing lag will either be completely better today or almost completely better – the equipment was installed last night and now it is just a matter of us working it all correctly:) So that may take a day or so.

The grey out should not be an issue now – fixed.

The onboarding and payments new members are dealing with we expect to have upgraded this weekend and for other room updates please review below.

Nov 3, 2106 Updates:

Screen sharing issue (grey out at times) and chart lags equipment being installed today so this will be a non issue Friday or Monday at latest.

Algorithm charting for all algorithms to be released next week (after election).

For other recent updates see below…

Nov 1, 2016 Updates:

PayPal subscriptions:

Some attendees are having difficulty with the Paypal function… especially from Europe, but also in other areas of the world. Sartaj (@hundalSHS on Twitter) is working on that and will have a secondary method available on our site this Sunday evening at latest.

On-boarding / signing in to room:

Some attendees are having difficulty with onboarding to the trading chat room itself… this is being sorted as I type. Any problem please email or DM us.

Screen sharing charts blanking out and throttling bandwidth:

So this has been solved and won’t occur by end of week. You will notice the chart screen grey out at times until Friday and the charts will take some time to load until then (causing us to have to re-boot).

Alerts in Twitter, Chat Room, Email, SMS:

Tweets on our personal feeds are delayed and will stay that way (to protect the integrity of premium subscriptions as we roll out). However, in room alerts in chat will get better as we progress. Again, Sartaj, Tyler, and Shawn are intermittently in the room between now and Jan 1 2017 and after Jan 1 2017 alerts, moderator functions, constant flow of market data etc will be much different at that point. As below, the email and SMS alerts will commence sometime next week.


We have had some questions about algo roll-outs and how to use them for futures. All our algorithms are in development. They are all represented in a charted form until Sartaj and software engineers begin coding them in January with goal to eventually be probability indicators for the trader. Until then however, they are charted. They all have targets and indicators in the charting. We are rolling them out one at a time right now and starting with oil. We have limited the maximum attendees in the chat room for this reason because there will be a learning curve for subscribers (like any other indicator you may use to trade equities etc with). So you will see us introduce the charting with the algorithmic calculated indicators in the chat room and with each they will eventually be only available by subscription. For example, we are starting with oil, we are sharing the basic charting currently and soon we will move on to more advanced algorithmic indicators (intra-day) with our subscribers and then also be introducing the simplest form of the next algo and so on. The next step becomes coding. The process from introducing to the room to only being available as a subscription (and coding starting) we expect to be 30 – 60 days for each algo. In other words, oil is being introduced right now and 60 days from now at most we would expect that algorithmic charting to only be available to EPIC the Oil algo subscribers (and it will be the first to enter coding phase in the new year as a result).

With respect to using it in futures… sure, it can be used as an edge for futures. But you will need access 24 hours to the charting which we don’t expect for 60 or so days.

Thanks again for the support! You guys and gals have been great! Email anytime of DM please!


Oct 31, 2106 Updates:

For attendees that cannot get voice portion of broadcast I will do my best to get all alerts to chat room and Twitter. However, until our official launch our moderators and software engineers are not full-time in room until Jan 1, 2017 (for official launch). They’re running mad getting ready – so they will be in room some days but not all days.

Until Jan 1 questions in room will be answered after market hours. Message in room, DM my Twitter feed @curtmelonopoly or email

We are also work with some other traders to get their rooms going early 2017 on our upcoming platform and also with traders that will be testing algorithms in 2017.

Algorithmic charts – we will start releasing them for $SPY, Silver, Oil, Gold, US Dollar, and Natural Gas slowly between now and Jan 1 to allow for proper time to work with our members and the disciplines therein.

We have a 300 limit in our room prior to Jan 1 at official launch. Paid members will take priority should limit be reached.

First 200 members receive 50% off regular rates. See website.

November is free to the public.

December is free to members paid and signed on for Jan 1 official launch.

Until we are in our new digs here over the next few weeks and the technology set-up… the screen sharing will be intermittent. We do however seem to have bandwidth for chat room, voice and moderate screen sharing. The SMS alerts and email alerts will be active within a week too.

Any questions email us

In the meantime, welcome to our room and enjoy complimentary access until Dec 1, 2016!

Let’s bank!