Citigroup, $C, swingtrading, chart, earnings

CitiGroup $C Trading Chart Buy / Sell Triggers for Day Trade and Swing Trading Earnings

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CitiGroup ( C) Swing and Day Trade Chart Set-Up with Buy / Sell Triggers for Traders

Below is the technical set-up of a simple algorithm model based on Fibonacci structure that specifically identifies trading signals for trade in CitiGroup to the upside and downside for earnings report on January 16, 2018.

Financial giant Citigroup ( C ) will announce fourth-quarter results on January 16. Analysts expect earnings of $1.18 per share. During the same period last year the company earned $1.14, and the stock has gained 13.0% since the end of June.

The chart structure for CitiGroup has been very consistent for the past six reporting quarters, so I have this particular chart on my watch list for daytrading tomorrow morning. And if trade continues to be predictable I will swing trade in accordance to the set-up below based on how trade plays out when earnings for Citi are released.

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Citi (CitiGroup) has been trading in a predictable chart structure for six quarters. Nice set-up for earnings. For a complete free report on how to trade earnings action with buy and sell triggers register to email mailing list here #swingtrading #ER $C …

CitiGroup $C Earnings Chart Set-up for Swing Trading – Daily Chart. #swingtrading

Live chart link:

The chart below shows price targets for trade through to Feb 6, 2018 (red circles). The white arrows show possible trading scenarios based on the price targets and specific time cycles. As trade progress through the Fibonacci horizontal support and resistance lines (buy / sell triggers) and diagonal support and resistance lines (blue dotted lines forming quadrants) on its way to (trending toward) a spcific price target you can trade accordingly in your swing trade.

Your most important support / resistance buy / sell triggers are as follows:

Currently trading at: 76.84

Buy Sell triggers for upside price trend swing trade: 80.60, 81.60, 86.74, 92.24, 93.01, 96.64, 99.63 (most bullish target for June 12, 2018 – unlikely but it is).

Buy Sell triggers for downside price trend swing trade: 73.60, 70.54, 66.65, 66.06, 60.64

Here is the link to the live chart. Click on share button bottom right to open live chart (past initial viewer) and then “make it mine” to open. When chart is open double click on chart field to remove indicators at bottom of chart (the Stochastic RSI, MACD, SQZMOM) and double click to return indicators to chart.

Citigroup, $C, swingtrading, chart, earnings

CitiGroup $C Earnings Chart Set-up for Swing Trading – Daily Chart. #swingtrading

Daytrading the Citi Earnings Report – Buy Sell Triggers

Below is the chart with additional horizontal Fibonacci buy / sell triggers if you choose to daytrade the market action in the morning.

Click the link below for the real-time chart:

daytrading, CITI, C, earnings, chart

CitiGroup $C Earnings Chart Set-up for Day Trading – Daily Chart. #daytrading

Summary for Trade Set-Up

The charts above allow you to trade the earnings report price action as it happens when earnings are released. Once trade establishes a trend then a complete swing trading plan can be established. I will follow-up the CITI earnings report with members on the swing trading members report with a complete swing trading plan when the trend is established.

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