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Client Advisory.

Quick notes to start the trading week:

    • This weekend we moved the location of our trading set-up.
    • We may have intermittent outages between Sunday 6 PM EST and Tuesday 6 PM EST as we secure stable power / internet source configuration for our various electronic / computer / server equipment (joy of travel and trade). 
    • Intermittent outages would temporarily affect (stall) the live trading room, alerts and software trade.
    • We expect any downtime to be minimal and short duration and by Tuesday at 6 PM EST (at latest) no issues are expected. 
    • The week of Oct 21 time cycle peak was glossed over by the Fed / White House utilizing repo action etc. This does not mean the markets are out of risk as VIX is concerned. But for now, it seems they have suppressed the time cycle peak. We still hold a small VIX hedge and small SPY short.
    • The new equity positions for this time cycle will be considerably more active starting this week. Daily we will review positions at 2:45 PM (as time allows) and we will send the videos nightly to Swing Trade members.
    • With the move this weekend we are a bit behind on reporting, the first out later tonight will be the EPIC Oil Report, then Swing Trading and others will follow. All regular weekly reporting is expected to be sent out no later than Tuesday evening.
    • Be sure to follow the appropriate Twitter alert feed (per the onboarding email you received) and email us your Twitter handle so that we can open the alert feed to you.
    • On Friday the move of our trading desk location caused some unexpected downtime and as such our software did not trade the move in oil price (non alerted also). The move Friday was the start of the move that we had been alerting the day prior and we had sent out various simple charts to remind traders of the impending move.
    • The Oil Trading Report to be released later tonight will include the structured set-ups in the charts / models for the move we expect.
    • You can expect the software to be considerably active this week now that oil trade is becoming much more structured within the models since the bombs landed in Saudi Arabia a few weeks back (since the bombs the structured models have slowly returned to order, Friday’s move was a manifested example).
    • I will be in the trading room on mic around 9:20 AM each morning, 2:45 trade set up reviews daily, Tues 4:30 API, Wednesday EIA at 10:30 and also anytime the software is trading and alerts are going out.

Have a greet week! 

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