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Over the next four days, the complete $SPY Algorithm rolls out… here’s an excerpt from the members morning update for those that may be interested…

S&P 500 $SPY Trade Update Tuesday May 16, 2017 $ES_F ($SPXL, $SPXS) Algorithmic Charting Observations

Good morning! My name is Freedom the $SPY Algo. Welcome to my new S&P trade report for Compound Trading.

New Charting

Well, it has been a long road, but we have finally confidently locked in the algorithmic model charting for $SPY. an exciting day for us in the lab.

Trading Range Extensions (wide time-frame price targets – the main turns). In short, we have been publishing price predicts for the main price extensions on $SPY trade and for about four months now we have been hitting them. The price extension price targets are the most important. If you can catch the main turns in trade then this of course is where the money is. So that was the primary priority and it has proven out. Reviewing historical reports this is represented by the red dotted line extensions and was also in writing (the price predicts of trading extensions).

Trading Quadrants (shorter time frame trading ranges). The second priority was to lock in the natural trading range on shorter time frames, we call these quadrants and they have been represented on the charts as geometric shapes (boxes, or as some refer to them as diamonds). These also have proven out.

Trading Time Cycles / Main Resistance Areas (clusters of resistance). You would have to go back in the historical reporting some time to confirm that our algorithm has actually called these consistently, but it has. The more recent is the area $SPY is struggling to breach right now and the significant one prior to Christmas last year. The purpose of knowing where the primary time cycle resistance areas (or clusters) are, is for traders to know where and when it is bets to let off the gas to speak.

Specific Time / Price Targets. This area of work in the algorithm we are still working with (in development) and as such you will now begin to see our best guess of specific time / price targets weekly. You would have to review EPIC the Oil Algo posts or Twitter feed to understand what I am referring to (they are represented on EPIC’s feed as red circles and EPIC has been undeniably accurate). Now, IT IS CRITICAL to know that we may never be able to lock in these “cyrstal ball” specific time and price targets with $SPY like we have with EPIC. But that doesn’t make the work we are doing ineffective, actually quite the opposite.

If you have been a member for a while you will have known the basics of the process, if not, you may want to review at least the last ten or so posts (if you do not have the passwords you can request from Sartaj by email at It isn’t required to review the historical of course, just something that is available to you.

So what does this mean going forward?

Going forward we will be representing the work we do over the next three or four days in a build-out (a release process) of the most basic simple charting to most extensive algorithmic model charting we have now (based on the model completed) – representing the points / signals I explained above.

This is exactly the same process that EPIC the Oil Algo underwent when we were preparing / training our traders to use the model. This is the process for us to train our traders with $SPY also and so you will also be the recipients of that process over the next few days.

So in short, your report today will start with the most basic charting and over the next few days completing at latest Monday you will have the full model of charting and it will be very similar to EPIC the Oil Algorithm’s charting.

If over the next few days you have any questions (or going forward of course), please let us know by Twitter DM or email And also quick, with the new model building out you will of course see the monthly subscription rate rise over time (appropriate to work involved for maintenance of model charting) but existing members are grandfathered without increase if subscription does not lapse).

Reporting Rotation, Futures, $ES_F, $VIX, 24 Hour Trading Room

The next steps (after the full model is published prior to Monday) are as follows’

  • The rotations for $SPY newsletters will increase to multiple times per week (updating the model).
  • The $VIX newsletter will be updated, published, and the reporting rotations will also increase although not to the same frequency and not to the same model build-out level as Oil or SPY. It is still in early development.
  • New charting will be released in 2017 representing futures / $ES_F and as with Oil there will be a 24 hour trading room. Do not expect this until later in 2017.

So Let’s Start the Process of the Chart Build-Out…


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