Crude Oil Trade Report Sept 2, 2019.

Trade Strategies for Crude Oil (CL) Day Trading, Trend and Swing Trading. Intra-Day, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Time-Frames.

The CL trade strategies that include alerts, charts, algorithm models, signals, price targets and guidance included below are suitable for mechanically executed trading and are also the models our coding staff reference for our crude oil machine learning trade development.

You will find below a well developed, time-tested proven rules based system for crude oil trading that is one of the best available. You have to use all the models together as a structured system of trade for it to work to your best advantage.

With each chart model we may include “best-use” trade strategy notes and/or “rules-based trade indications” for your consideration.

For perspective, review historical reporting on our blog and the various videos we have published to the Compound Trading YouTube channel.

Much of the structured model discipline developed in our system is similar in concept as discussed in this video; Mathematician Who Cracked Wall Street.

Our “How to Trade Crude Oil” Recommendations.

Crude oil price moves within structured areas (ranges) of trade represented on charting on various time frames (different time cycles of trade).

The structure oil price moves within (the range of price) can be one minute charting (and more recently some machine trade is as low as 15 second time-frame) timing through to monthly charting.

Time-frame set-ups / strategies below are charted as conventional chart set-ups and/ or algorithmic chart set-ups (structures).

Understanding and having each chart time-frame at your immediate access (both conventional and algorithmic) will increase the probability of profitable trading.

You will find in reviewing the raw recorded video feed or in attending the live oil trading room that in the morning I will often review on mic the various levels of support and resistance on various oil trade time-frames on the charting to establish my most probable areas of trade for my strategy of trade. I will also check with all the chart time-frames prior to entering a daytrade at various times through the day.

Our use of this proven crude oil trading system (and obviously the use of our V3 machine learning software executing to this system) has provided an oil trade win – rate well above 90% and currently we are returning over 80% ROI per year.

When multiple time-frames agree to support or resistance areas on the charting this becomes your highest probability area of trade execution, we have found this to be one of the best oil trading strategies.

Sizing trades appropriate to your trading account, probability of support or resistance (multiple oil chart time-frames in agreement) and time frame for each set-up is a positive strategy.

Using the correct chart time-frame specific to your trading strategy is critical. Generally, the lower (smaller) the time frame the less predictable the support and resistance areas (or structure) of the chart will be. However, the larger time-frames (monthly, weekly, daily) may also have significant “slippage” but the primary structure will often remain intact.

Generally, the idea is to enter your positions based on the structure for the specific time frame you are wanting to trade referencing the other time frame support and resistance or range within the trend. The basic method is to understand the range of trade and execute trade long bias when price is near support for the appropriate time frame / structure and the opposite is true for short trades.

Our staff use the thirty minute model structures (range within trends) most often for primary areas of support and resistance trading signals referencing all other time-frames in their trading strategy. More recently the 60 minute time-frame (view simple algorithmic model below) is being used by our staff as it provides a wider view of the current structure of oil trade.

Trade positions should be significantly biased to the trending range of trade. For more information about trend identification for trading various time-frames refer to this article on Investopedia; Multiple Time Frames Can Multiply Returns.

Below is a recent video from a webinar we recorded in our Oil Trading Room, “How to Use Our Oil Trading Services. Oil Trade Alerts, Oil Trading Room, Oil Reports, Trade Coaching” and for more specific trading strategies there are more specific video links below.

If you have questions about the models below please email us at

Not all charts are updated every week and some concept or test charts are added or deleted on occasion.

Be sure to check the time-stamp of each chart below as the preparation of charts and/or models can take days prior to publication and distribution of this report.

If you are a new client that would like to review historical reports that are still locked on the blog from public view please email the office with your request and we will send you recent reports to review.

Please note, chart links that support the models below are now distributed specific to each user or small group of users. If you are using more than one device to access the charting, to avoid disruption of service, please email us a simple / general description of those devices to assist in controlling dissemination.

EPIC Crude Oil Algorithm Model. 30 Minute Oil Chart Structure.

The EPIC algorithm model chart below is a proprietary structure that has been back tested sixty months on thirteen time-frames. The model represents the most probable areas of support and resistance in oil trade within this specific time-frame.

This (the EPIC 30 Minute Oil Algorithm Chart Model) is our most proven oil trading strategy.

The levels noted on the EPIC model are to be used as important areas of consideration for support and resistance (trade signals) for your trading strategy when using conventional charting set-ups / structures and/or other algorithmic charting.

Resistance and support areas on the thirty minute oil trade structure chart are at each line on the algorithmic chart. The primary areas of support and resistance are;

  • Outer quadrant walls / also used as channel support and resistance (orange dotted diagonal lines), the half way point between each is often an executable buy or sell trigger in trade (not shown on model below),
  • Mid channel line for uptrend and down trend (white dotted diagonal),
  • Mid quad horizontal (not marked but is at the mid point of the quad),
  • Fibonacci levels (various horizontal colored lines),
  • Historical areas of support and resistance (purple horizontal).
  • The intra-week swing trading range is from thick horizontal gray line to the next (commonly becomes a pivot area of trade).
  • The important historical diagonal trend-lines (conventional trend lines) are represented on the chart as thick white lines.
  • Also of note are the price targets for Tuesday 4:30 PM (API), Wednesday 10:30 AM (EIA) and Friday 1:00 PM (Rig Count). The Tuesday and Wednesday targets hit significantly more often than the Friday target (red circles with red or green vertical dotted lines intersecting).
  • At times other indicators are added to the chart such as important trend lines “in play”, moving averages and more.

The video at this link explains How to Use EPIC Oil Algorithm: $USOIL, $WTI, $CL_F, $USO, #OIL, #Trading, #Algorithm, #OOTT as does this video Oil Trading Room – How to Use EPIC the Oil Algorithm Model Chart June 21 #OIL #OOTT and this Webinar 1: EPIC the Oil Algorithm.

When conventional crude oil charting coincides (or agrees) with the EPIC algorithmic model support and resistance this is then considered a significant buy or sell trigger (signal) for crude oil trade.

Be aware (at minimum) of the primary support and resistance areas on the larger time-frames (lower time frames are not as critical) – in this instance (when trading the 30 min time frame) the 1 hour, 4 daily, weekly and monthly charting should be considered when sizing your trades.

30 Minute EPIC Algorithm Crude Oil Trade Charting Model.

EPIC 30 Min Crude Oil Trading Algorithm 810 PM Sept 1 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil #Trading #Algorithm

EPIC, 30 Min, Algorithm, Crude Oil

EPIC 30 Min Crude Oil Trading Algorithm 810 PM Sept 1 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil #Trading #Algorithm

One Minute Oil Day-Trading Time-Frame Chart Model. Ideal for Intra-day Crude Oil Trade.

How to trade oil on one minute charting time-frame “best use” “rules-based” trading:

The one minute oil chart time-frame is one of the best for day-trading crude oil.

The one minute oil trading chart time-frame model provides for pinpoint trade entry, sizing and exit points for day-trading oil.

It is also used for squeeze scenarios in oil day trading. The main range is between the red / blue areas with thicker dotted white lines. The range is considerably more predictable in a squeeze scenario.

Diagonal channel / trend lines may or may not be included with this chart, if so, they are recent trend lines of importance for day-trading levels also.

Again, be sure to reference other oil chart time-frames to ensure your highest probability of trade success (when two or more time-frames agree your success in trade – probability of winning, will go up significantly).

One Minute Crude Oil Trading Model (day trading) Sept 2 842 AM FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil #Trading #Strategies

Daytrading, crude oil, 1 minute, time frame

One Min Crude Oil Trading Model (day trading) Sept 2 842 AM FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil #Trading #Strategies

5 Minute Charting.

Also used for day-trading crude oil, the five minute chart time-frame is a key area of trade (signal) for oil day traders.

The five minute oil trading strategy chart below includes a form of an Elliot impulse 5 wave component for when oil is predictably trading intra-day on this time frame. The diagonal sloping up-trending green lines can be used as support and resistance decision areas.

Intra-day time cycle peaks can also easily be identified and important with trade execution timing and size considerations. The vertical lines are time cycle peaks / inflections. Depending on intra day trend you will find half-time to be also of importance and even quarter time.

5 Minute Crude Oil Trading Time-Frame Chart Model 849 AM Sept 2 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil #Trading #Strategies

5 minute, chart, trading, time frame

5 Min Crude Oil Trading Time-Frame Chart Model 849 AM Sept 2 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil #Trading #Strategies

15 Minute Charting.

The 15 minute trading time-frame helps oil traders see a larger picture than the 1 and 5 minute time-frames.

The algorithmic chart model below is an abstract model that has a number of indicators within its structure. It helps oil traders determine areas of inflection, time cycles, channels and various other trends within oil trade.

When you get to the 30 minute, 60 minute, daily, weekly and monthly chart models further down in this report you will find we return to more conventional chart structures for wider time-frame strategy perspective.

15 Minute Crude Oil Trading Time-Frame Chart Model 855 AM Sept 2 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil #Trading #Strategies

crude oil, trading, 15 minute, chart, time frame

15 Minute Crude Oil Trading Time-Frame Chart Model 855 AM Sept 2 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil #Trading #Strategies

30 Minute Charting.

The thirty minute crude oil trading time-frame charting is critical for oil traders. The 30 min chart below is in addition to (complimentary to) the EPIC 30 Minute model above.

It is a noisy chart with many trend-lines, time cycle inflections, Fibonacci levels and more. It is more a “work-sheet” than it is a specific structured model. Because of this it becomes important for daytraders to reference regularly. We send updates to our subscribers on a regular basis, this allows for our clients to identify with short term trend channels and trends.

The key areas of support and resistance on the chart below are noted with thicker lines. The thicker the line in the chart the more important it is for your trading strategy and consideration for trade.

30 Minute Crude Oil Trading Time-Frame Chart Model 908 AM Sept 2 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil #Trading #Strategies

30 minute, crude oil, trading, chart, time frame

30 Minute Crude Oil Trading Time-Frame Chart Model 908 AM Sept 2 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil #Trading #Strategies

60 Minute Charting.

The 60 minute oil chart model below is a much cleaner and more simple model that references key support and resistance decisions for crude oil trade on the sixty minute time-frame.

The way to use this trading signal is for key areas of support and resistance on a weekly trend / reversal thinking strategy. Because the model is so clean and charts a larger structured time-frame, the levels indicated on the chart model should be considered heavily within trading strategies for the trader.

No oil day trader or swing trader should go with-out considering this chart before executing short term or mid term timing of trades.

The model includes time cycle peaks (vertical lines), quadrant support and resistance (diagonal Fibonacci trend-lines) and horizontal Fibonacci support and resistance.

60 Minute Crude Oil Chart Model 924 PM Sept 1 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil

60 minute, crude oil, chart, time-frame

60 Minute Crude Oil Chart Model 924 PM Sept 1 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil

Daily Charting.

The daily oil chart time-frame provides a larger structure to consider. The diagonal Fibonacci lines are important as are the mid quad horizontal lines. The moving averages (especially the 200 MA) should be considered in your trade strategy. The MACD is a common indicator on the daily oil chart for forward positioning and trend bias.

The most recent daily model is a busy chart with many trend-lines and such (first chart below) and then the simpler “Keep It Simple” Daily Chart is also included below. The more simple Keep It Simple Daily chart model is excellent for trade strategy perspective.

Daily Crude Oil Chart Model with Fibonacci Channels 656 AM Sept 2 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil

Daily, Algorithmic, Chart, Oil

Daily Crude Oil Chart Model with Fibonacci Channels 656 AM Sept 2 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil

Keep it Simple Daily Crude Oil Chart 858 PM Sept 1 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil

Daily, Keep it Simple, Chart, Strategy, oil, trade

Keep it Simple Daily Crude Oil Chart 858 PM Sept 1 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil

Weekly Charting.

The weekly charting below should be used for perspective and/or or swing trading crude oil.

You will notice oil is currently trading / trending in a down channel but is currently supported by the 200 day moving average and the stochastic RSI indicator is turned up. A possible trend reversal is in play here now, watch the MACD closely – it is currently “flat”.

Keep it Simple Weekly Crude Oil Chart 707 AM Sept 2 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil

Weekly, oil, charting

Keep it Simple Weekly Crude Oil Chart 707 AM Sept 2 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil

Monthly Charting.

The monthly oil charting below is similar to the weekly charting in that it provides a simple perspective for primary support and resistance in crude oil trade for your strategy. You will find that oil is currently trading mid-range within its current structure, caution is warranted at mid range. The 200 day moving average is well above so if opportunity to trade long at the chart support occurs this would be a sound strategy for oil traders within this current set-up.

Keep it Simple Monthly Crude Oil Chart 709 AM Sept 2 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil

monthly, crude oil, charting

Keep it Simple Monthly Crude Oil Chart 709 AM Sept 2 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil

Crude Oil Trading Room, Profit and Loss, Trade Alerts, Special Reports, Trading Strategies and More.

Recently we have written a number of oil trading strategy articles to assist our subscribers with how to trade crude oil and win. You will find in the articles below at the “Crude Oil Trading Academy” link videos from the live oil trading room, profit and loss of our trading, various trade alert examples and more.

If you are serious about learning how to trade oil you will find that the report you are reading, along with the various articles below and review of the live trading room (specific to around the times of trade) that your oil trading returns and win rate will increase significantly.

If you are not progressing in such a way that your win rate is going up and your returns are steadily increasing you may want to consider some short term trade coaching. Even the best traders in the world have trade coaches for times they are struggling.

Anything else we can do to assist you in your trading journey please email us at

Thank you.


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