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Below are the updated crude oil trading models in chart form to be used in forming trading strategies for day trading, intra-day swing trading and swing trading weekly and monthly time frames.

The charts are suitable for  human mechanically executed trading and are also the models our coding staff are using for our crude oil machine trading.

With each chart model there are trade strategy notes of consideration.

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Please note, the charts are distributed to various groups and individuals with various url’s. If you are using more than one device to access the charting please email us a general description of those devices to assist us in controlling dissemination.

EPIC Crude Oil Algorithm Model.

Resistance and support is at each line on the algorithmic oil model chart. The primary areas are quad walls and channel support and resistance (orange dotted), mid channel line (white dotted), Fibonacci (various horizontal colors), historical support and resistance (purple), The swing trading range is from thick horizontal gray line to the next.

EPIC, crude, oil, model, algorithm

EPIC 30 Min Crude Oil Trading Model Intra-day crude oil trade. Mar 31 500 PM FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil #Trading #Algorithm

EPIC Oil Algorithm Up Channel Scenario with Price Targets.

crude, oil, algorithm

EPIC 30 Min Crude Oil Trading Model. Weekly uptrending scenario. Mar 31 501 PM FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil #Trading #Algorithm

EPIC Oil Algorithm Down Trending Scenario with Price Targets

EPIC, crude, oil, algorithm, down channel

EPIC 30 Min Crude Oil Trading Model. Weekly down trending scenario. Mar 31 502 PM FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil #Trading #Algorithm

One Minute Oil Trading Model.

The one minute oil trading model provides for pinpoint trade entry, sizing and exit points. It is also used for squeeze scenarios in oil daytrading. The main range is between the red / blue areas with thicker dotted white lines.

1 minute, oil, chart

One Min Crude Oil Trading Model 521 PM Mar 31 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil #Trading #Strategies

5 Minute Crude Oil Chart Model.

The five minute oil trading strategy chart below includes a Elliot impulse 5 wave component for when oil is trading intraday on this time frame. The horizontal uptrending green lines can be used as support and resistance decision areas.

 5 min, oil chart

5 Min Crude Oil Trade Model (concept chart) 456 PM Mar 31 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil #Trading #Strategies

30 Minute Crude Oil Trading Structure.

The 30 minute structure primarily uses the Fibonacci trendlines that for the diamond shapes (quads) and the mid / top / bottom of quads marked in white dotted horizontal lines (key support and resistance areas).

Pay special attention to the relation between the intra-day price of crude oil and the 20 MA and 200 MA on the 30 minute chart.

30 min, oil, chart,micro

30 Min Alternate (wide view) Crude Oil Trading Model 906 PM Mar 31 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil #Trading #Strategies

30 Minute Micro Oil Trading Structure

30 minute, oil, chart

30 Min Alternate (micro view) Crude Oil Trading Model 1013 PM Mar 31 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Crude #Oil #Trading #Strategies

4 Hour Symmetry Chart Model.

Crude oil has been trading in the channel on this algorithmic model since an 7, 2019. The white dotted lines at the top and bottom of this structure are support and resistance in the trending channel. The targets are historical hits. The white targets are showing a possble divergence to trade either up or down in to either of the white targets in this time cycle.

4 hour, oil, symmetry, chart

4 Hour Symmetry Crude Oil Trading Model 1118 PM Mar 31 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Oil #Trading #Strategies

4 Hour Oil Concept Trading Model.

The 4 hour crude oil concept model below has trendlines, Fibonacci support and resistance horizontal lines (pay close attention to the gray horizontal lines) and diagonal algorithmic Fib trend lines (orange dotted).

4 hour, oil, chart, concept

4 Hour Concept Crude Oil Trading Model 1202 April 1 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Oil #Trading #Strategies

Daily Trading Model.

The daily time frame provides a larger structure to consider. The diagonal Fib lines are important as are the mid quad horizontal lines. The moving averages (especially the 200 MA) should be considered in your trade strategy.

daily, oil, chart

Daily Chart Structure Crude Oil Trading Model 1226 April 1 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Oil #Trading #Strategies

Weekly Oil Trading Model.

The most important signals on the weekly chart model below are the red historical trend lines. Pay very close attention to them. There are other common indicators on the model also.

oil, weekly, chart

Weekly Trendline Crude Oil Trading Model 1219 April 1 FX USOIL WTI $USO $CL_F #Oil #Trading #Strategies

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