Daily Profit and Loss Summary for Personal Day and Swing Trades, Oil and Bitcoin Trades, Machine Trades and Alerts. Includes Live Trading Room Video and Alert Feed Screen Shots.

I recently posted to my Twitter feed that I would start providing daily trade profit and loss summaries and also posted some info on our goals for our machine trading / alert compound gains. Thread is below.

This is the first profit and loss post, this will for now be basic and over time we’ll get more info and more formal (with proper P&L spreadsheets). Below is what time allows for today.

Oil Machine Trades / Alerts

There were four oil trades, all winners, the target (goal) for the day was exceeded by the machine trade.

3 of 4 of the trades were alerted. Alerts went to private Discord server, private member oil alert feed, were broadcast (my voice with charting) in the live trading room. 1 of 4 was only alerted live in trading room.

Personal Oil Trades.

None, however, I will be trading along side the machine trade alerts going forward now that our coding is mostly complete for oil.

Machine Bitcoin Trades.

N/A in development.

Personal Bitcoin Trades.

I shorted Bitcoin at 1/10 size, it went well and I covered 50% of the trade holding half at this point. Looking for a bounce to add to the short or if price gets to the price target I will close the short and re short after a bounce. Members can refer to the alert feed and / email sent out explaining the charting and trading plan for this short.

Personal Swing Trades.

The one swing trade was long AMD, which was a 2/10 size intended as an add to the current swing position (initial position at channel) and the other portion of the 2/10 size was to be a day trade, however, the day trade didn’t work so I am 3/10 long AMD. 

Members can check to the private member swing trade alert feed on Twitter and recent reports for all current swing trades (there’s a new consolidation report on deck coming also).

Personal Day Trades.

As above the AMD day trade, it went against me and the only reason I held it is because I’m in an AMD swing trade and because my sizing is correct. When you have a swing trading plan and you’re also day trading a stock then this becomes an option for a trader. This is why we first start with the larger structure of the financial instrument and put together a trading plan for the swing trade and then perhaps also day trade the stock. You can take any of the swing trade charting in the reports and bring it down to a day trading time frame. If I day trade a stock that we do not have models for I would never hold the trade whether it goes well or not.

Historical Profit and Loss Trading Statements.

Jen is currently reconciling all the trading profit and loss statements for the purpose of review and study. The most recent working document update is available here:

Protected: Swing Trading Profit & Loss Report | Swing Trade Alerts Nov 2016 – June 26, 2019

Password: 4321 (if asked)

Take a look at recent premarket note for more about what we’re up to with our trading here:

Premarket Notes: Swing Updates, New BTC Platform w/Machine Trade, Oil Machine Trade Completion $USOIL $WTI $CL_F $BTC $BTC_F $XBT_F #premarket

Trading Room Raw Video Footage on Day:

#OilTrading #BitcoinTrading #DayTrading #SwingTrading #MachineTrading #TradeAlerts

The video below is raw feed only, to find live trading and trade alerts voice broadcast when lead trader is trading in the room reference the time of day on the alerts.

Live Trading Room Raw Feed $AMD $USOIL $WTI $CL_F $BTC $XBT_F

Supporting Trade Alerts and Charting on Day:

If you cannot see a chart below, a link is not available or not showing to the alert and/or chart or parts of the data is blocked with ******, this is because it is a premium member chart or alert.

Crude Oil Trade Alerts.

3 for 3 for machine trade alerts today. Exceeding .6% daily 151% per annum goal. #OOTT FX $USOIL $WTI $CL_F $UWT $DWT #OilTradeAlerts #machinetrading https://twitter.com/curtmelonopoly/status/1145164315726684161 …

Machine trade caught the bottom turn today again. #OOTT FX $USOIL $WTI $CL_F $USO $UWT $DWT #OilTradeAlerts #MachineTrading

Bitcoin Alerts.

Short Bitcoin 10640s for price target 1 at ****** area then possibly on to two other targets in trend noted $BTC #tradealerts


50% profit trim 10319.00 $XBTSUSD $BTC #Bitcoin 20 ma support test on Daily #tradealerts


BITCOIN (BTC) Short term trading plan, short or long at each arrow, timing on lower time frames $BTC #tradingplan

BITCOIN (BTC) We have met all targets now since buy alert (green arrow), trajectory early, what’s next on deck in new charting and report due later today. $BTC #Bitcoin


DayTrade & Swing Trade Alerts.

Long $AMD 31.89 (already in swing, so partial is swing add and partial day trade), day trade partial. Resistance / price targets 32.58 trading box, 32.89 trendline diagonal, 33.64 mid quad, 34.29 trend line diagonal, 34.65 trading box final target. #daytrade #swingtrade #alerts


ADVANCED MICRO (AMD) up nice from channel alert, trading 31.89 premarket, watch marked areas for resistance #swingtrade #daytrade $AMD


ADVANCED MICRO (AMD) Nice bounce off channel support and above trading box res, trim in to key resistance add above in trajectory #swingtrade $AMD


If you have any questions about my trading or need help with yours send me an email anytime compoundtradingpfficial@gmail.com and I’ll do my best to help.



Additional Info:

Master Trade Profit & Loss Statement (Most Recent – Updated Regularly – Check Blog for Updates):

Trading Profit & Loss Report | Trade Alerts Nov 2016 – June 26, 2019 Day Trades, Swing Trades, Oil, BTC Etc.

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