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Daytrading Crude Oil: Buy Sell Signals Strategy for Intra-day Sell Off Reversal.

Crude Oil Day Trading Strategies From Our Oil Trading Room Video Footage. If there is one thing we

Crude Oil Day Trading Strategies From Our Oil Trading Room Video Footage.

If there is one thing we have seen time and time again in our crude oil futures daytrading room (see previous articles) is that our EPIC Oil Algorithm model and day traders can pin-point the buy sell signals for the reversal for intra-day trend to capture a reversal in trade.

The focus of this post is to teach you how to find the intra-day bottom when daytrading crude oil. Step by step the lead trader explains what signals to watch for to simplify the process and ensure your winning strategy.

It is important to learn how to catch the bottom of sell-offs to increase your ROI on trades and capture the next move. You may have to enter a number of trades with tight stops to get a position that is set for the move, but it is worth the time if you learn how.

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Main Points of Trade Strategy Covered in this Article:

  • Day trading oil signals covered in the video and post below:
    • EPIC Crude Oil Algorithm Charting.
    • Conventional Oil Charting.
    • Charting Indicators; Moving averages, squeeze momentum, MACD.
    • Time Cycles.
    • Price Targets (intra-day and weekly).
    • Trading Boxes.
    • Charting Time Frames.
    • Order Volume.
  • Short cover rally intra-day.
  • Entries around the edge of range.

Video Date and Description: October 17, 2018 10:25 AM – EIA Petroleum Report Live Trading Session.

Voice broadcast starts at 2:10 minutes on video.

Video Transcript Summary Highlights:

At 2:20 on video FX USOIL WTI trading 70.73 at the beginning of the session, trading on top of support at top of trading box at down side channel support.

The down channel in trade is confirming per the most recent guidance in recent reports and I am expecting that in to end of October and then up in to Christmas.

Resistance points on algorithmic model short side is most probable for winning in down trend (retracement) – areas to short pointed out on charting at 3:05 on video.

Bias was a long intra-day when report was released, but there was a surprise build today.

I usually don’t trade the first 5 mins after the EIA crude inventory numbers are released.

Example of EIA report data as posted on EPIC’s Twitter Feed:

#WeeklyPetroleumStatusReport for week ending 10/12/18 posted #oil #gasoline #diesel #heatingoil #propane #OOTT

3:40: On the oil algorithm there is a buy trigger signal intra-day at 69.97 at the mid channel support test for a daytrade.

3:50: Symmetry chart has a buy signal at 70.19 at top of oil trading box.

4:08 Trade on monthly chart is still between the 100 MA and 200 MA and I expect a break to upside or downside early November and my bias is to upside.

4:14 On the weekly wedge chart 70.00 watch very close at top of trading box, end of October time-cycle peak to bottom of wedge on chart 68.42 – that is possible.

4:45 On the daily oil chart trade intra-day is right at the pivot. 50 MA is just under price and to the upside the price intra-day was rejected at the pivot.

Don’t miss the last report on oil trade guidance I provided that guides on signals from now in to early 2019 on all charting.

5:10 Charting trend lines reviewed with time cycle peak early December in 76.00 region.

7:20 on video #EIA report comes out.

7:27 the sell-off on oil is apparent in trade with stops in oil getting taken out.

I start reviewing oil charting at this point on video for various supports to possibly take a position long.

8:50 6.5 million barrel build in crude oil inventories is discussed. 69.50 possible low in oil trade is discussed here.

9:40 Trading 73.00. Any long positions be sure to keep your position with tight stops until down to the 69.50 support range.

Top of trading box on the weekly wedge support at 69.99 is considered.

11:15 Watching chart indicators; MACD, Squeeze Momentum and Stochastic RSI on 1 minute time frame here as price is getting in to the first signal for a possible buy zone daytrade at support.

11:40 I explain that I am looking for a short cover rally for the oil daytrade and then shorting the resistance. As shorts cover price goes up, this occurs when the sell-off on the day comes to an end as oil shorts cover positions.

11:50 I explain that trade is down 3% on the day and that this is typically the area of the short covering and reversal intra-day.

12:40 As price bounces I start to look toward the upside 20 MA resistance on the 1 minute chart.

13:35 I provide guidance that we are possibly looking at 69.00 area and even 68.46 on the wedge chart.

14:50 My daytrade plan for support area and resistance areas and the intra day time cycle confirmation of up or down channel for trade is reviewed on the oil algorithm charting.

17:10 Watching the possible buy zone and 1 min chart for squeeze momentum to turn.

20:20 We are watching the pressure in oil trade in to the bottom of the trading box on the 1 minute chart and considering more stops to get ta’ken out if trade goes below the support on the trade box.

22:20 15 minute candle expires (important point of time to watch trade closely). The bottom of the trading box then is lost.

23:50 I discuss the problem created with governments manipulate price in markets (such as Trump with oil) and what will likely happen with the price of oil when the anomaly will cause a sever snap back trade in oil (also referenced earlier in video). Essentially the structure of the natural trading range of a financial instrument is manipulated.

26:00 oil starts to trade up and I’m watching for the 20 MA upside resistance test.

27:00 I explain that many traders would have taken the buy signal at the mid channel line on the chart and that I likely should have.

28:10 After 20 MA resistance has occurred and price is on the way back down to the next support and I explain where that is and that it is my possible buy area on chart.

29:25 The buy side for oil comes in and I explain that I’ve now missed two buy triggers.

42:00 I am long crude oil futures at 69.91.

44:19 I explain the 5 min candles and a place to trim the position at top of the trading box and alerting that I have trimmed my long position at 70.01 and advise that the 50 MA on the 1 min is coming. Ten minute candle expiry on watch.

45.40 I alert that there is resistance heavy intra day 70.28 range.

46.55 I close the remainder of the daytrade and look for another entry.

Below is the screen shot of my trade alert for the day trade in crude oil on the long side and my closing the position. This reflects what it looks like when you try and catch the reversal on intra-day trading.

daytrading, crude, oil ,signals

Daytrading Crude Oil – Screen Shot of Oil Trade Alerts Feed with signals for long oil trade and closing trade.

There is more to the video, with various discussion on daytrading crude oil with what signals to watch for and there is another trade on the video also.

See video for more on related discussions.

Below is the guidance in given to the oil trading room with charts at the start of futures trading later that day.

Price targets for 900 AM Oct 18 price cycle completion intraday crude oil trade.

price, targets, signals, day trade, oil

Daytrading Crude Oil – Price targets for 900 AM Oct 18 price cycle completion intraday crude oil trade. #daytrading #crude #oil

Buy sell trade signals at each highlighted trendline (yellow) on chart.

buy, sell, trade, signals, crude, oil

Daytrading Crude Oil – Buy sell trade signals at each highlighted trendline (yellow) on chart #crude #oil #daytrading

Signals for end of week price targets. Upper target bias – lead trader.

daytrading, crude, oil, signals, weekly

Daytrading Crude Oil – Signals for end of week price targets. Upper target bias – lead trader. #Crude #Oil #Daytrading



Any questions let me know!

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