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Dear Mr. Cardinal Cash,

My name is Nikki, I represent Compound Trading Group and associated entities.

I will assist with your request(s) as referenced in your video posted tweet copied to @curtmelonoply per below;

“The Cardinal received a professional and personalized letter (tweet) from Mr.
(thank you). I look forward to reading over your prospectus. At a +90% win rate, perhaps crude oil should be on my trading radar.”

I reviewed your video presentation and below is answer and question to your assertions and requests.

We do provide trader information services and commercial software deployment.

We do not provide investment opportunities or solicit investment to a fund of any type.

Your comment, “I look forward to reading over your prospectus”.

You are wanting a prospectus for what exactly? Compound Trading Group operates under two primary mandates:

1) We provide opportunity for the trading community to view our live trading room to watch our lead trader and/or senior traders and software engineers develop trading systems by way of executing their trades, alert feeds (Twitter and Discord) that include trade set-ups etc, charting reports for our algorithm models and swing trading, and coaching and,

2) The other mandate being business partnerships as it relates to deployment of the EPIC v3 Oil Trading Software.

Trader Services Inquiries:

You will find a link to menu of services specific to point 1 above (trader services) here There is no prospectus for that component of our trading group. However, if you are interested in subscribing to one of the services and are wanting to validate the “alert win rate” you reference, we can provide you (as Curt has previously offered) with a tour of all trading videos for every day since inception (raw trading room feeds, over 800 in total), every trade alert (thousands) on a time stamped Twitter feed from inception, every alert and trader guidance in a Discord private server repository since inception and I can also direct you to near 2000 documents on our website that provide reference to our methods.

If your “deep dive due diligence” comment is in reference to one of the services in this category of our services, having at your access for review every trading video for every minute of every day since inception should suffice. If it does not, then we are not the right service for you.

Software Business Inquiries:

Specific to point 2 above (business relationships to deploy v3 EPIC), we provide software deployment to commercial enterprise firms, in which case we do provide audited trading results.

However, after only a cursory view of your online representation and encompassing information it does not seem you are looking for something similar to a business relationship with us. There is however, a public draft white paper document (among others) recently published here White Paper: How EPIC v3 Crude Oil Machine Trading Outperforms Conventional Trading Methods.

If your inquiry is specific to our software business I can defer you to an executive rep in that area of expertise.

Your comment per tweet above “At a +90% win rate”.

Answer: I understand your comment to reference Curt’s tweet as found here;

The win rate referenced on the web site that you copied to your Twitter (your copy image of our website to your Twitter feed) is a quote that references a win rate to prior to the date you reference and including up to that date, not from that date to current day.

If you read it closely you will see. It is a moot point either way as you are welcome to as offered many times review the time stamped alerts and live raw feed recordings of the trading room and see for yourself if our claims of win rate are in fact true or not.

For clarity, the alert win rate you reference is one of many claims, that specific win rate was for a period of trade and we have many other such claims for various periods of time, including various methods, instruments and versions of software development.

There are 2000 documents (many that include claims) you can assess, review and break apart all you like that all have live trading video you can reference to each claim and time stamped alerts.

The Compound Trading Group Risk Disclosure / Disclaimer / Terms of Service that is presented on all pages of our website is here;

Risk Disclosure, Disclaimer, Terms, Conditions, Subscriptions, Use, Privacy and more – Use of This Website and any Associated Service(s) of Compound Trading.

Our development team has since inception operated a number of software build accounts to test, modify, improve methods and software operations that is described below – an excerpt from the risk disclosure of Compound Trading Group.

“Our lead trader (or associate traders) will, at any given time, operate a variety of accounts representing compound trading, swing trading, momentum trading and testing for algorithms and more. This may or may not include cash / leverage accounts, commodity accounts, crypto exchange accounts, paper trade accounts or various algorithmic back testing and simulation accounts”.

Our claims of win rates for periods of time and for specific traders, methods, or versions of software are varied from 60% to over 90% and may even include more – I am recollecting from memory.

We do not run a chat room type service geared toward the mass retail trader, it may be that you are seeing our trading group in that way. A review of our website documentation, videos, alerts etc that is public facing will quickly show you that to be the case.

Our mandate is development of software and algorithmic models that are tested, developed, retested, re-developed over and over until refined under a systematic process. We do have real engineers, real traders, real staff and real world trading. But we are not a retail chat room trading room kind of operation.


Investment & Prospectus. You reference a consideration of “investment”. Compound Trading Group is not soliciting an investment of any kind for your participation in any way that would resemble an “investment” that would require a “prospectus” as I am assuming the nature of your inquiry to be.

I am assuming that your comment to “investment” is somehow related to a transaction between yourself and Compound Trading Group.

If you are asserting that your “investment” is a subscription fee for a service such as trade alerts then I have offered our disclosure specific to that.

If you are asserting that your “investment” is in reference to deployment of our v3 EPIC software, that is a completely different category of inquiry. As noted above, we do provide audited trading results but that area of the business (business inquiries) is handled via reps at Sovoron.

In that specific respect, we are the software developers and data providers. You cannot however buy the software, buy use of the software or have our software deployed for commercial use without being qualified under a completely different category of compliance. Again, I don’t think this is the context of your inquiry.

If you are asserting that your consideration toward “investment” includes some form of investment in our business at any level, we are not soliciting for investors of any kind. Its seems your video presentation assumption(s) are at least at minimum possibly within this frame of thinking.

We do not solicit funds for investment of any kind to any account of any kind. We do not maintain a public fund of any kind. Yes, Goldman or the like is your best avenue as you stated.


Although Curt (it seems as noted on his Twitter feed) found your presentation amusing, your presentation and/or tweets are an unauthorized use of the Compound Trading Group’s marks. As such, it would be vacant of my fiduciary responsibility to our stakeholders for me not to request that you in future do request permission of use (in advance, in writing) of any mark as it relates to Compound Trading Group and associated entities.

I would also ask that you do not in future represent our corporate marks with images that are not in any way related to our operation (I am referencing the other person images you included in your posts).

I am trying to be of “good sport” within the trading community good spirit as Curt has requested, but it is my professional obligation to the stakeholders that this be elevated and remain within a minimum level of mutual business respect and professionalism as soon as possible.

Further, if you require any other clarity with respect to your submission please contact me direct anytime at

In future if you require direct contact information should we need to telephone conference or whatnot I can provide such at that time.

Best regards,

NIKKI, Executive Administrator

Compound Trading Group

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