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RE: EPIC v3 Crude Oil Trading Software Updates

Good afternoon traders,

It is Sunday Feb 2, 2020 and futures markets will be opening soon.

In advance of a new week I am communicating our most recent EPIC v3 code updates to keep everyone abreast of changes. I have had a number of email and DM discussions and will encapsulate the question and answer of those discussions below.

Through-out the previous trading week I did communicate much of this content below in summary form via email, in private oil trade member server on Discord and even Twitter. If you prefer the reader’s digest version see this link:

The EPIC v3 version software is consistently on the win side to near 100% win-rate, easily above 90% consistently. This goal was the primary challenge for us in development, without this accomplishment everything else is moot – it simply would not matter. Coding the draw-down protocol to a level of comfort is much much less work.

In short, we have coded with success an extremely high win percentage rate and that took extensive work and includes over 8700 instructions of code. This is our concrete footing.

At issue however, is when the software does lose a trade – specifically the drawdown amount.

Also at issue, and not as problematic is the win rate on the short selling side. Per previous communications we may or may not ever find success in this code and it doesn’t really affect the ROI expectations because our code protocol for drawdown on short side trades is extremely throttled so there is near zero potential loss in short trade sequences.

Specific to the drawdown percentage during a loss, the most recent white paper outlines the protocol for percentage of loss allowable here: 

White Paper Updated Dec 29, 2019: How EPIC v3 Crude Oil Machine Trading Outperforms Conventional Trading

So then the question becomes, if we know we can win easily more than 90% then why risk significant drawdown amounts when a trade does not work?

The answer or the balance of thinking is in the potential annual returns, we do not know the answer to the question – if we throttle the software to lower risk how that will affect annual returns.

We know that we can run returns 80% – 150% per year leaving the drawdown protocol as it is, but the problem is that the drawdowns are not just very uncomfortable, with smaller accounts they are more significant in terms of percentage and put at risk the account itself.

So this update is specifically motivated by and to accounts in the 10 contract size category or less, although updates to the code are in effect for all size of accounts.

So as I communicated to our clients last week we have initially throttled the software drawdown protocol to 50% of the previous protocol as outlined in the most recent white paper update (link above).

If this code update (50% of previous) is not performing as we expect we will again throttle to another 50%. I do not think this will be necessary and I am sure the current update is more than acceptable.

What does this mean in real world practical applications?

The expectations of returns are likely to be less than previously expected but this is not known until we see how the near term trade sequences perform. There is the far off chance the annual returns will actually be better than prior.

The code is throttled which manifests as only the highest probability of trade set ups to trigger a sequence, however, when a sequence starts the frequency of trade may be considerably more because the downside / stops are significantly tighter than the previous code.

In practical terms, this means that the software will not likely hold more than a 3/10 size trade for any amount of time at all unless the win side trade is extremely structured and trending up and it also means that any amount of draw-down will be limited to one quad on EPIC 30 minute model (with some slippage allowed pending order flow).

The range of trade is much smaller (limited to one quad on EPIC model or channel of the model), the size is much smaller in a sequence if there is pressure at all and the frequency of trade once it starts firing will be much higher.  

In summary, you will see the software fire predominantly per the EPIC 30 minute model weighted against all other models and order flow within a much tighter size management protocol.

It is difficult to summarize over 8700 instructions but that is my best attempt at a summary.

I encourage you to read the most recent white paper update (link above) and review the new update when released.

For those asking what I expect forward, you can expect a very tight trading protocol with higher frequency and very limited downside at any given time.

When the software gets in to a sequence that is well structured and trending you can expect the previous ROI trajectory to be returned very quickly.

Do I think that will be this week? I am not totally convinced but I wouldn’t doubt it. Structure was returning to trade on Friday and when enough structure is returned to market wide trade it won’t take the software long (as we have experienced in other drawdowns since v3 inception).

In terms of changing the throttle going forward, I wouldn’t expect us to loosen the code throttle any time soon. I know in past on a number of occasions we have discussed this and this has been a challenge for us (the balance of risk vs return). HOWEVER, I can say with utmost certainty that we are at a time in our development where risk cannot be tolerated anytime soon. 

I will be sure to communicate clearly IN ADVANCE if this is going to change in future.

To be frank we have been in development for some time and we have the winning card that we can rely on – the long side win rate that is extremely high. We were simply trying to push our development to potentially garner the largest returns possible. But reality is reality and at a certain point in time you simply have to accept where you have come and let the return rate be what it is.

Watch how the software performs over the next month and we can re-look at it at a later time. Send me your thoughts after a month or so. A month of trade executions will explain much better than I can here.

For now lets enjoy some consistent returns without the stress. 2020 will be stressful enough in the markets, we don’t need to add more.

An updated oil trade report is due out for our clients later this evening also by the way. 

Any questions please send me a note via email

Thank you.


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