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RE: EPIC v3 Software Protocol Code Updates


When developing the software our team back tested 60 months (per white paper). 


Today we spent significant time back testing further than 60 months. The most recent market event (Corona) more resembles 2008.


In short, even the most “throttled” of the EPIC v3 software protocols is not “tight” enough for “market events”. Specifically I am referring to the positioning protocol v3 has to fire within.


We have further adapted the software to only fire on a daytrading (intra-day) protocol.


Specifically this means that all indicators EPIC v3 uses to fire will remain the same, see white paper here:  


But the hold area of trade (the positioning draw-down threshold) becomes one range on the 1 minute chart. In other words, EPIC v3 will fire but will fire only within the current 1 minute model range and will not hold anything below a one minute range support.


In practical terms this means that all trades will be high frequency intra day mode when firing and there will be no holds. No holds on weekends and holds end of day will occur but only within the 1 minute range.


In summary the “positioning” part of the code has been removed completely and only the intra day high frequency remains. The code is in essence the same with the exception of the “positioning” component.


A detailed update will follow in a white paper update in editing now.


Watching the alerts over the next few days and attending the live trading room will give you a better idea than this letter will.


Any questions let me know,





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