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Morning all.

Daytrading Room / Oil Trading Room and Internet:

So the wired internet did run the oil room all night (so far) with only one network blip – so perhaps it will run the daytrading room Monday without much issue (we’ll see).

I pinned the owner down to a completion time for the fiber install that starts Monday – he committed to be complete at latest end of day Tuesday… which means the daytrading room will be running on wired system that originates on cell network Monday and Tuesday during the day and the oil room will also.

So we’ve opted to only run the oil room on its own when oil opens Monday night and not through the day Monday and Tuesday so I don’t have to watch two rooms during the day Monday on inferior internet. And by Tuesday night we should be good to go with fiber network so as of Tues night the 24 hour oil room will in fact be 24 hours.

So in summary, when we start the premarket session for the daytrading room on Monday and Tuesday we will be shutting the oil room down each day and restarting it when the evening session starts. During the day Monday and Tuesday the oil room members are welcome to visit the daytrading room anytime and we’ll be running the oil charting in there for the next two days only.

So basically it comes down to make it work Monday and Tuesday and back to normal Wednesday.

Various other services such as newsletters for Swing Trading and Algorithms:

Most of the newsletters are getting out , however, the newest version of the Gold algorithm will not be out until the fiber internet is installed. Which will be Wednesday night. Subscribers of course are being credited time accordingly.

The post markets are also going to be delayed until after the new internet is complete. The data flow on the current internet is just not enough to process post market video uploads etc.

So the Gold algo update and the post market newsletters will resume Wednesday night.

Oh and the various other video uploads such as the EIA report and mid day chart reviews won’t re start until Wed because we simply don’t have the upload capacity until the fiber is in.

Any questions let me know!



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