Evening all!

A few miscellaneous updates:


First, the internet / travel status…. on Friday they hard wired my internet. So I now have wifi and hard wired BUT in testing it this weekend I’m not confident – its running 26 mbps which is barely adequate but the signal originates on a cell network and cell networks have blips (so expect blips for the next day or so).

I thought I was getting the fiber network… but nope, that’s coming tomorrow. The culture here is a tad different than North America and sorting through the commitments and expectations and representations is complicated at best 🙂

Anyway, I have confirmed (literally from the owner of the fiber internet company haha seriously) that fiber will be installed Monday.

So what’s that mean? It means we may have the odd blip in the oil trading room tonight and in the daytrading room tomorrow. Blip meaning charting disappears and comes back (like your cell phone can do at times).

It also means that some updates will be possibly and not for sure delayed until fiber is in. The chart load times are slow for the algorithms on the current – but they should all get out tonight.

Now, I know for sure the fiber is being installed Monday but do I know it will be working Monday? No, I do not lol. But we’re getting there. Slowly but surely.


And for the down time (as I mentioned last week), to be fair, the paying members will be credited the downtime at renewal time (the oil trading room members subscription doesn’t start until July 1 so we’re early anyway on that and anytime we are up before July 1 is a bonus anyway so that won’t apply but for the other services it will).


Also, I’ve had a number of folks ask me if they can come in to oil room subscription in like two weeks or whenever in future. Unless otherwise provided for we are holding sub limit to 50 because I can only help along so many folks at a time and I want to provide the best service I can.


In future we will endeavor to have this done and confirmed on site before I travel to my next destination. We learned a lot of lessons here. But at the same time we are transparent on our website to the fact that I will be traveling from here to death and that will at times cause some delay in service at various levels so it will in a way be part of the deal – but we will do everything we can to limit the inconvenience of course.


Moderator etc expression of interest folks… we’re going to get past this internet issue, then completely refresh all algorithms and newsletter charting etc (once fiber is in and working) and then contact you all. Sorry for the delay but it may be June 25 until we’ve contacted everyone.

After last week, I am seriously geared to aggressive trading this week so lets get at it do this.

Best and peace.


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