Good morning traders,

RE: Important Morning Note to our Members

Today’s theme – China market contagion likely causes hesitation in markets, unless it’s a well chosen pocket I wouldn’t take a trade. Pick them smart, let it settle down then go.

We’re in session watching order flows and working on the reports for Crypto, Oil and Stock Swings. SPY Gold Silver DXY VIX etc. to follow. Mid day 12:40 $STUDY Webinar today (we will send out videos after we’re done). Send requests on email and we do have some that haven’t been charted still from recent days.

Time Cycles – As I expected we’re seeing pockets of themes run, we’ll continue to pick our spots in to the time cycle inflection (date on your member email version) as I did with the $TAL trade yesterday. I got the day trade on it and now sit with a runner, it dumps further and I’ll go in to round 2. We got 4.61 buys and it ran up over 6.00 on the day providing a decent day return and really good positioning for further swing.

The $TAL scenario is likely for many trades. HOWEVER, the focus is on positioning for our laggards so that when they pop we get profits out – this is what we’re working on now in $STUDY (reporting on deck).

I sent out the note below yesterday because I know in these conditions many traders recoil but I guarantee you this is not a time to go to sleep.

I’ve shown time and time again over the last 6 years how these cycles work, you have to be ready when it’s go time.

Don’t forget, the Covid sell off we caught perfectly – we closed all our longs and shorted the markets starting 4 days before, we nailed it. Then when the market turned up we were long with 73 positions deep – we nailed that. Stay awake, when the COVID sell off happened most traders were asleep and missed it. When it was time to buy the sell off most traders were too stressed and missed that.

These opportunities will be many in to 2025. This is your time to secure many things that will be needed for you and yours in the new world coming. DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY.

“Curt Melonopoly — Today at 2:06 PM
I really want to encourage traders that may be going to sleep a bit with market conditions to dig in to the daily videos for an hour or so a day for the next 5 weeks, the themes are starting to firm up and I think it will be very profitable for those that can find that hour or so a day to review and do some $STUDY.”

Trader’s Boot Camp – yes, confirmed Sept 4 and 5 and it will be everything in two days that I’ve learned in 33 years trading. If there’s anything you want covered please send your requests.If you’re attending in person be sure you communicate with us about lodging requirements etc. The dates are not a coincidence, the dates are carefully chosen, and I will also guarantee trader’s in attendance will be very ready for what’s coming on the other side of these dates. This is the BIG – do not miss this.

Click here for information to attend online or in person to the Trader’s Boot Camp.

If you need financing for the Boot Camp, please email Jen direct to set up a payment duration that works for you.

I’ve noticed many traders I speak to (even some that I have known for some time) NOT TAKING THE DATES NOTED FOR THE TIME CYCLES SERIOUS. I don’t know how to scream it loud enough.

The time cycle at the end of (date in your member email version) is 10x more significant than any other in recent history. I told you 5 1/2 years ago when we started Compound Trading Group these things were coming, they’ve started, and I am telling you as clear as I can, from the end of (date in your member email version) time cycle through to 2025 will be the biggest market event ever in history and forward.

There will never be a bigger wealth transfer on planet earth like it, ever again. Do not miss it if you want to prepare for you and yours for the other side of this.

Too serious? Tell me that in 2025.

Peace and love.