Great Trading Last Few Wks – Lets Keep Going! $RIG, #OIL, $SPY, $ETH, $BTC, $FB, $GOOGL, $BWA, $GDX more.

Wow, has it been great trading the markets lately. Quick recap below of trade setup reviews on video.

Wow, has it been great trading the markets lately.

Quick recap below of trade setup reviews on video. We’ve hit near every trade last two weeks (yes time stamped etc). $RIG, #OIL, $SPY, $ETH, $BTC, $FB, $GOOGL, $BWA, $GDX more.

I want to keep rolling. I’m really encouraged in these markets. We have these setups on lock.

Oil $USOIL $WTI – When I spoke of win rate in video I was speaking specifically to oil btw. My over-all win rate is not near my oil trading win rate with EPIC the Oil Algo.

Technically oil was completing a time cycle Fri at 1:00 and we’ll see how Sunday opens. Refer to last two reports for areas to watch. Forward guidance 75.00 ish 2018.

$RIG – Alerted night before on swing trading member report. Price target 12.58 – 12.75 pending how oil energy etc acts. We’re bullish on it and the trade set-up is going well.

$APVO – It came off resistance I wanted it to come off to 3.70 and it came off to 3.79. Long side alert trade bias with PT 4.90 Apr 26. Over 4.00 triggers long add or downside retracement to support 3.70 area. 3.30 is main support on chart model.

$SPY – Long side price target 267.99 Apr 17 (first upside target – there are others). What a great trade so far.

Bitcoin $BTC – Bitcoin in a bottom formation and we’re hoping for an upside trend move. Resistance points for upside long trims and adds over as resistance becomes support 8589.00, 9200.00, 9540, 9833.80 big resistance, 11506.00, 11706.00 (upside trading targets / resistance). Tax completion, pay day, after sell off and institutional buys may get a bullish turn.

$NFLX Netflix – Resistance / Price targets 313.90 315.82 328 338 347.50.

$ETH Ethereum – Bearish price target 418.93 May 2, 2018. Bull price target 619.55 May 2 and for a double extension to bull side scenario price target is 829.69 May 2.

$FB – Facebook bullish scenario price target first stop is 167.62 April 17 or if it dumps price target becomes 153.35 on wash out scenario. Great trade setup so far for our team. Watch 200 MA res.

$EOG – 108.72 confirms long side today and alerted yesterday to long price target 119.68 April 30, 2018.

Oil $USOIL $WTI – Trader bias forward guidance reviewed as 75.00.

$FATE – 11.56 trading intra looking for a long side trade over 12.00.

$IOTS – I’m looking for 18.00 on most bullish scenario as a double extension. No trade yet but looking for a break out next week.

$LITE – Test resistance and sitting on support. 20 MA over top resistance and the pinch is on next week. Price target 75.80 June 4, 2018 as most bullish scenario.

$GOOGL – Great buy side alert on the wash-out, huge battles here in time cycle peak with numerous indicators at play 1104.02 July 2 price target for moderate bullish scenario 1211.00 July 2 price target if it gets aggressive upside. Trade toward appropriate target.

$C – Price targets in 73.00 range and 86.00 range on the bullish side trade.

$EPSR – trade doing well. Chart structure is very predictable.

$D Disney – Trade long side bias alerted and going well with price target 103.66 May 29 and  more bullish scenario price target 110.00 May 29.

$TAN – Looking for break to upside of major pivot. On watch still.

$BWA – 52.74 resistance with 54.36 July 19 Price target for the bulls. Bear side occurs price target 50.56 July 19. Trade price toward target.

$CELG – Bullish side resistance points 91.37, 91.99. Upside price target 95.83 in around 3 weeks or so from now.

$GDX – Incredible chart structure, hits all the points, triggered long side bullish trade and now upside resistance is on deck.

And more reviews are on video… 

Our last two reviews provide more detail on these and other trading set-ups are here;

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Most of these charts are on my Trading View Account that are discussed in the video (some are private to members but I think many are available).

For more detail on the time cycle peaks for your trade, price targets, and support / resistance points relating to your personal trading plan contact me with any questions you have.



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