Good evening everyone,

Find below information with reference to price changes, services and procedures for traders and invoicing procedure at Compound Trading Group (effective immediately). Big changes are here as promised and 2018 is going to be a very big year for our traders and team. Many press releases coming soon so keep a watch on what we have coming!

On-Boarding New Members

First, a quick note to our new subscribers – thank you for your support!

I am working diligently to on-board everyone that has taken advantage of our 40% sale ending in just over an hour.

Waiting time is currently less than 24 hours.

Again, thank you and welcome to our trading team!

Important Pricing, Trader Procedure and Service Changes

Main Live Trading Room

A price increase. The new pricing is 999.00 per month, 2999.00 3 months, 5899.00 6 months, 9999.00 1 year.

Price increase is in keeping with our mandate to introduce machine trading and an intelligent assisted trader platform (with an eventual goal toward the #AI environment).

The coding team have started to share proprietary algorithm trading information to the trading room and attendees will commence testing our algorithm models and #IA platform as it is rolled out.

In short, our live trading room is a professional environment directed to and for the purpose of our primary mandates and the pricing and procedure going forward reflect that mandate. Entry level traders will be directed to our private trade coaching prior to consideration for entry.

The primary changes to our live trading room procedures are;

  • Each session requires a new password and will be emailed to participants in advance.
  • The trading room will not be running consistently. Each session will be emailed to participants in advance.
  • A formal non disclosure is required prior to attendance.
  • An industry standard “Know Your Customer” (KYC) form execution is required prior to attendance.
  • Clients will be required to execute an application for consideration in advance of acceptance.
  • Changes will be instituted this week.

EPIC Oil Algorithm Trading Room, Live Alert and Newsletter Bundle

Pricing lowered to coincide with a change to the trading room component. The trading room will include access to the 24 hour private discord trading room (without live broadcast and charting) only. This package includes the weekly newsletter, private discord trading chat room, and live trade alert feed.

New pricing: 399.00 per month, 1099.00 3 months, 2199.00 6 months, 3999.00 1 year.

Legacy All Access Membership

A price increase: New pricing is 1499.00 per month or 9999.00 per year on auto-renewal subscription basis. Cancel anytime. Price increase protection if subscription does not expire.

Entry Level Private Trade Coaching

Prices are lowered: 3 Hours 399.00 Regular, 10 Hours 999.00, 20 Hours 1899.00, 50 Hours 3999.00. There is also a one hour introductory session available for 199.00.

Other Near Term Price Increases

We do foresee other price increases in the near term as the coding team becomes more involved in alerting to the real-time feeds, trading room and adding to the various newsletter offers (swing trading newsletter service and alerts value add as example will greatly change with the new intiatives with the team). At this juncture the pricing above reflects the current status and as the team becomes more involved in the day to day the price increases will be announced.

Existing members (subscribed to specific services / current) now and forward are not affected by price increases under our early adopter program.


Client invoicing updates are in progress and all members can expect up to date invoicing by end of week (it is taking me some time to sort it all) and going forward at regular intervals.

Any questions send me an email as needed [email protected] or [email protected]

Thanks again and have a great evening everyone!



*** The main page for our pricing table grid and trading services summary is here.