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Important Premarket Trade Room Schedule / Market Time-Cycle / Alerts / Reporting Notes

Morning traders,

Live trading room will be down until some time later today (internet company has to move our fiber line, they were to be here Saturday but put us off to Monday). Location move delay. The minute the line is in we’ll be up live and I’ll send out an alert to members. ETA 1:00 PM EST today. Alerts and machine trade are not affected. We’re on back-up mobile system until they arrive.

Remember this week is time cycle peak (allow a week either side) and the next is Oct 21. Watch the trend coming out of this week.

Swing trade reporting will consistently increase now outside of Sept 9 week in to next time cycle. It is possible the direction of trade / trajectory of implied models will be completely opposite in this cycle so watch the alerts / reporting closely. Either way, its a significant cycle.

Go easy today, my suspicion is that whipsaw will be the theme during this time cycle peak for about a week.

Any questions let me know,



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