Hello traders,

A quick note for newer traders and a good reminder for even the more experienced.

The markets have an ebb and flow (time cycles) and successful traders have trading processes that provide their edge.

When markets are at an inflection (picture the water on the beach coming in and out), the inflection is when the water is turning. Now, picture an aggressive ocean, the foam on the beach etc… this is the markets. Different ebbs and flows are critical.

But what is more critical is perspective, patience and being attentive to the current conditions.

I see traders (and I have made this mistake) that sign on to an alert feed (as an example) and depending on timing (their timing within market cycles) can get frustrated. This is a mistake.

Right now we are in an inflection. Signing on to ANY platform ANYWHERE right now, everyone is in an inflection. It can be bad for some, choppy for others and for others a $STUDY and positioning time. You’ll find the more experienced traders are slowly positioning and getting ready for the next cycle. This is not a time where you will find optimum return, however, that time is near again. See our articles lately about time cycles or attend the Weekly Swing Trade Study sessions.

You need to look at your trading from a wider perspective than a month, you need to see it as cycles, these cycles can be months in duration.

Some cycles are better than others, they all have their own nature and nobody knows in advance exactly what that will look like.

If you study our Swing Trading feed you will find we $STUDY and prep and chew at the edges of plays getting positioning over and over and then BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM etc…

And then back to $STUDY, prep, chew at the edges and that is at least 90% of the work and time. The winning when it comes is fast and furious. But you have to be ready, you have to do your homework, you have to have perspective and you have to have patience.

Our most recent returns, last 12 months have gone parabolic and the P&L I will finally release this weekend, it’s been busy for us to say the least.

We just got in to the ultimate location this week that I will be sharing with you soon, we have big news with EPIC Oil Machine Trading on deck, we’re managing a massive swing trade platform (we have upwards 40 trade in play at any given time and our profit runners on top of that), the Weekly Swing Study Sessions and a new Day Trade Alert feed that will get up and rocking soon (which is a great example, that takes time because the cycle has to come our way and when it does the feed will be in full swing, the set ups have to come to us we can’t force them).

Anyway, I’m trying to give some of the newer traders some perspective, we’re nearing 1000% returns in swing now (you’ll see on the P&L’s) and I don’t think we’ll ever see less than 400% per annum now, our process is really tight on the swing trade platform – BUT you have to understand most of those returns are in what we do when we are not winning which is about 90% of the time. Perspective is critical. Think duck hunting, you sit in the weeds and then BOOM BOOM BOOM. That is swing trading.

you have to understand most of those returns are in what we do when we are not winning

The oil trading different story, that is a different constant ebb and flow and you can see the most recent time cycles (legs of trade) clearly in the recent string of articles I’ve been writing about this move in oil. And then machine trading different yet. 

And in day trading, that alerts feed will take time to get flight properly, but the next up cycle it will be golden and it will be golden from there forward (we have to bring all our swing chart models down to a day trade time frame but the market has to be ready for us too, the cycle).

More experienced traders know all this, but it is a good reminder nonetheless.

If you find you’re being impatient it is because you are not preparing for the next, it’s that simple. If you’re thinking right as a trader the down time is the busiest time you will have – in preparation for the next.

If you have any questions send me a note any time.