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In an effort to provide trading guidance to our members on a regular basis and in the spirit of operating a transparent trading service, my letter to members below should provide clarity on our goals for 2019 and how we see the markets shaping up for trade.

2017 and 2018 Market Guidance Review.

Prior to the election we signaled bullish on equities and had a fantastic six months post election with huge returns. Then consistently our returns have softened and the last quarter returns have been less than 40% (if calculated on an annual basis) – specific to no algorithm trades. So we went from 400% to 40% since the election (again, if you calculated various time frames based on annual basis).

Late June of 2018 we started signalling a slow down in equities and our alerts and swing trading publications slowed, the market did in fact turn down. However, the end of that time cycle is here now.

Our time cycle work with instrument structure has been by far our highest probability guidance.

2019 Market Guidance Overview.

The list below coincides with our algorithm models and swing trading.

At this point, the time cycle inflection looks as follows;

SPY / equity markets bullish in to early May 2019 (some sectors will do better than others – hence our theme based approach to swing trade reporting and alerts in to 2019) with possibility for more frequent volatility spikes.

Oil bullish in to early May 2019.

VIX bearish in to early May 2019 however (as above) we see probability of VIX spikes very high.

Gold and Silver to hold moderate with likely pressured trade to bearish side.

Bitcoin as with Gold and Silver.

US Dollar DXY to come under bearish pressure.

If the above plays out as we expect then come mid May 2019 there is a high likelihood that the opposite for everything listed above (with possibly the exception being DXY) will be in play.

HOWEVER, IT IS CRITICAL to be aware that the guidance above can flip with the markets. Geopolitical risk is rampant right now. Our reporting depth will be significant for this reason. The instrument structure will be the focus and time frame of trade key to each structure. Stay flexible to the market inflections and trade the instrument structure (support and resistance therein) to your chosen time frame.

Reporting and Trade Alerts in the Next Time Cycle. 

The algorithm and swing trading reports will all be updated and distributed between Tuesday Jan 8 – 15 2019 to allow for two days of market action (this Monday and Tuesday) in to this new time cycle (post holiday).

There will be follow up reporting to approximately Jan 23rd that will focus on instrument structure (trading ranges on different time frames) for the algorithm models and swing trade equities we follow and then intensive thereafter through six month time cycle.

The deep dive we will be doing is for our trading on different time frames (swing trade and day trading) – you will find our trading to be significantly more active than the previous six months. This will include the machine trading in oil.

I should point out here also that the swing trade reporting and trades will be selective / theme based as we see a stock pickers six months next.

2018 / 2019 Work in Progress List.

We do have some team WIP left over from 2018 that will be cleaned up in January (it is nominal clerical type stuff for the most part). Some of the list is below:

  • Rules based machine trading protocol for oil to be published soon. This has been difficult to publish because our learning curve has been parabolic (the more you know about how an instrument trades the more you know that you didn’t know prior).
    • Our learning curve is starting to level out now so this will be released soon.
  • Machine trading signals to be fed in to main trading room (initially manually then auto when API integration complete).
    • For now I will be verbally feeding these in to the live trading room, however, Jeremy is working on the API soon for automation.
  • New pricing to be published representing next generation algorithm models (existing members no change).
    • Early in 2019 there will be a price increase on all services (when everything is updated).
  • Next generation algorithm models roll out (machine trading Gen 1).
    • This will occur with the deep dive we are doing over next month in reporting initiative.
  • Trading Profit Loss to be Published for Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 2018 (a report detailing trading / alert performance of our team).
  • Previously recorded Trading Boot Camp Event videos to become available on Compound Trading website.
  • Previously recorded Master Class Videos will become available for download on website.
  • New Trading Boot Camp Events to be announced
  • 1 day Boot Camps for each of the seven trading models and swing / daytrading – 8 in total to be announced (online only).
    • We wanted to do this late 2018 but time didn’t allow, we’re targeting Feb 2019.
  • 3 day Cabarete trading boot camp to be announced for Feb / Mar ish 2019.
  • Sept 18 – Raw Trading Boot Camp Videos were emailed to members (new members inquire for copy).
  • Sept 18 – Previously recorded Master Class Series were emailed to members (new members inquire for copy).

2019 Platform Normalization (copied from last member update)

In year one our goal was to simply get lift to our basic trading service platform and that was accomplished.

In year two (2018) our goal was to develop the software for machine trading to the oil model and bring forward various other development and that has been accomplished (it has been much more work than we expected and we are just there).

In year three (2019) our focus will be to normalizing our trading services platform in the first 6 months. Our focus also will be toward trading for profit and building our learning centers for our trading community. In the latter 6 months we will turn our focus back to software development with coding BTC and SPY at minimum. The difference will be that we expect to have staff in each area of the platform so that areas of service are not interrupted (stretched) with a start up staff size.

In summary, this means that we are cleaning up our work in progress from 2018 and going in to 2019 our service will be hyper focused on trading, reporting, trade alerts and the development of learning systems for our membership base.

The time cycle starting in to the new year is significant in size in global markets and we intend to capitalize on the opportunity this brings.

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