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Thank you! We have experienced incredible interest in our algorithms and trading room in advance of our pre-launch phase starting early November, 2016. Our mission at Compound Trading is to be a high quality platform for the trading community, and as such we are limiting our subscription availability to 300 subscribers for the pre-launch phase extending November to December 31 and adding another 300 (so 600 in total) for our official launch on January 1, 2017. After we are officially launched and our trading community is settled in with our platform we will open our subscriber program for more enrollments thereafter.

  • Phase I – Early November (chat room open to public/pre-launch) – 300 Subscriptions Available in Total.
  • Phase II – December (all services available only to subscribers with December being a free month for initial subscribers/pre-launch) – 300 Subscriptions Available in Total (no new subscription capacity will be opened in December).
  • Phase III – January (official launch) – 600 Subscribers in total (We will open up another 300 positions bringing availability to 600).
For those wondering, some of the reasons for this are:

  1. In advance of our official launch on January 1, 2017, many things need to be done on our end to bring the platform options to fruition, and because we will be working with our subscribers initially in many ways during pre-launch we envision only so much time in a day…. so we want to balance the time required to service initial subscribers to our platform properly with fine-tuning the on-boarding of services and options for official launch Jan 2017.
  2. Algorithmic trading is a discipline in and of itself and so is the compound trading discipline (our chatroom, otherwise, will be like any other in that various trades and methods/alerts will be the order of the day). As such, many of our new subscribers (that wish to engage the disciplines of algorithmic trading and/or compound trading) will require substantial chat room assistance from our Lead Trader and/or monitors in the room. We want to be sure we can be attentive to the learning curve. And of course, much of the activity in the room will be like any other as noted… but there will be the added intensity of algos and the like.
  3. Our lead trader is all about detail, detail, detail. In other words, you have no doubt experienced how many trade rooms are out there where it’s a chat room with various traders providing alerts and discussions surround things like press releases and momentum stocks, etc. Well, this will obviously be a component of our trading room… but it will go much further. Our goal is to have a trading room that not only can function like most others, but also (and more importantly) be a vital resource for traders that want a predictable, low risk, trader’s edge with a high probability of regular success. This primary goal requires detail, detail, detail. In other words, the morning pre-market newsletter and algorithmic charts (and traditional charting) becomes a significant part of the day to day routine between the lead trader/moderators and monitors and the traders themselves. So we want to be sure we provide the quality experience this type of trading environment will demand of our staff.
  4. The technology we are using will be undergoing many changes in the early months… including hardware and software. As pre-launch rolls out, there will be many opportunities for our developers and trading room staff to revise and revisit hardware and software requirements to ensure a smooth official launch in January of 2017.
Again, thank you for the incredible support even before we have opened our trading room for pre-launch!
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