Live Trading Desk Broadcast Schedule and Team Work in Progress Announcements for Feb 3, 2022:

Current Trading General Thoughts.


New Location – As of February 1, 2022 we have completed system upgrades (should see zero downtime), new location set-up for the Trader’s BootCamp event and this location will also serve as the working office for launch of our next projects (DeFi etc).

New Webinar Day Schedule – I will be flipping back to intra-day webinar schedule as of today. See below.

The big range I’ve been telling you is coming has started, be sure to go through my Twitter feed posts in premarket today to get your think on right.

9:30 AM – Live Trading Room

– I will be live in trading room today from 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM EST, I am expecting opportunities to increase significantly near term considering time cycles.

11:00 AM – Announcements

– Crypto / DeFi Alerts and Special Projects: 

  • Current 2022 DeFi Project.
    • Existing key participants (communications group established in presale) will have news updates this week (no cost no questions asked direct swap option in part or in full in to next project, more to follow).
  • Next DeFi launch is expected sometime around March 15 2022 (the big one). As with the previous, current traders with Compound Trading Group receive first notice and pre-sale round 1 consideration. Current 2022 DeFi project price went 4x round 1 – 4 (in 5 weeks) and it’s just getting started.
  • Last year all 3 of the crypto special alerts went parabolic. 

– Trader’s Boot Camp: 

– Options Challenge:

– EPIC Oil Machine Software: 

– Upcoming (Team WIP):

  • Now that we’re in new location Jen and I will clean up the administrative and accounting tasks. If you’re waiting on us from an accounting perspective, general administrative type things etc it won’t be long now that our basic office duties will be cleaned up. Also, if you’re a subscriber on a feed and haven’t renewed your account it will be closed in a few days (we left some open while the move of office was on).
  • Reporting and Chart Model Updates.
  • Lead Trader Annual Trader Review Calls with our Subscribers.
  • Podcast Service.
  • Crypto Payment Options on Website for Subscribers.
  • New Websites and Social Feeds;
    • Crude Oil, Swing Trading, Day Trading, Crypto Trading, and Options all getting their own websites as trading partners announced to our team.

– Other:

  • Trading View “Make it Mine” function with private charts issue. Temporary work around is that our subscribers need to use the “viewer / preview” function with shared chart links and any still images shares or videos we provide. 

11:30 AM General Market Scans

– $SPY, $BTC, $VIX, $GLD, $SLV, $USO, $CL_F, $TMV, $NATGAS, $NG_F, $NASDAQ etc.,

– Current Trades and Time Cycles.

  • Now being on the other side of the Fed and with a significant wild card symmetrical time-cycle looming, the markets should be exceptionally active this week. 

12:00 PM Stock Scans (Swing Trading and Day Trade Set-Ups)

– Daily Scans

  • What’s Hot and What’s Not, Most Recent Trading Day Session.

– Alarms Triggered

– Current Trades and Set-Ups

– Chart Requests

– Trader’s Boot Camp Study Examples (as time allows)

1:15 PM Crypto Trading Scans

– Positioning Trades for the Crypto Time Cycle

– Chart Requests

2:00 PM Options Trading Challenge 

– Time Cycle Set-Ups for the Options Challenge.

* Videos of webinars sent out to members after completion.

* Send your chart requests and trade set-up questions to or Curt’s Whatsapp.

* All times Eastern. All times approximate pending scheduling.

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