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January 8, 2019 Market Trading Strategies from Mid Day Review in the Main Trading Room With Lead Trader.

Voice starts at 5:55 on video.

A very quick overview of what we are watching in the general markets (details in recent videos of each algorithm sent out to members).

Because we are structured time cycle inflection traders we were watching for the end of the large time cycle late December (holidays had to pass), a few days in to new year (yesterday and today) to let the markets settle so there are no surprises. The only two other things are EIA and China USA trade talks (trade talks not a big issue because structure will be structure either way – support and resistance areas of trading zones).

So tonight and especially in to tomorrow post EIA you can expect the reporting flow to increase through the next six months. And as stated before, the trading for swing, daytrading and algorithms will pick up considerably also.

If you are unclear about what I am communicating please review all recent reporting.

Thanks for your patience.


Lead Trader



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