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Gold Trading Algorithmic Charting Update Monday Jan 23 GOLD $XAUUSD $GLD ($UGLD, $DGLD) Miners: $GDX ($NUGT, $DUST, $JDST, $JNUG) Chart and Algorithm Observations

Jan 23, 2017 Rosie the Gold Algo Trading Report (member edition).

Good day! My name is Rosie the Gold Algo. Welcome to my new member edition Gold trade report.

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Gold! Make it a double for good measure?

If you haven’t read part one of “There’s Gold in them thar hills boy!” please do now before reading below. Also, the member edition Gold trade follow up here and the Jan 9, 2017 Gold Trade Update Here. It is really important to know the history of calls and how my calls and recent trade apply to the information below.

Live Gold Chart on Trading View

Live Gold Miner $GDX Chart on Trading View

Gold Chart Intraday

Gold trade chart. ROSIE the GOLD Algo $GLD – $UGLD $DGLD $GDX $NUGT $DUST $JDST

Gold, Algo, Rosie, Chart

Rosie the Gold Algorithm Observations 337 AM Sept 23, 17 $GC_F $GLD $XAUUSD $GDX $GDXJ $NUGT $DUST $JNUG $JDST

Trade Considerations to Increase Your Trading Edge

The main question now, is whether or not Gold trade will reach the level of a “double for good measure”. In recent reports I charted this as a possibility. On the chart above this would put the price of Gold at around 1244.80. What do I mean by a double for good measure? Well, when I presented the Gold chart recently (after calling the bottom and turn) with that white arrow on it (above) – I explained that this was your first upside target (it was a symmetrical move that I was confident in). I also gave you an additional target for consideration which is the double for good measure. It is simply a double sized symmetrical move.

Or, could the move be a math based move with a reversal at the 1251.11 mark? It is possible – so if price does reach the double up mark at about 1244.80 – be sure to watch 1251.11 very close. It is very difficult for trade to beat the math. So, if trade does get to 1251.11 you can (at minimum) expect a pull-back. Whether price continues in an ascending trend thereafter is up to the market. If price hits 1251.11 and it pulls back you can expect a decision at the 1223.79 area (which corresponds with a fib and the top of an algo quadrant – blue line).

It is important to note, that the current price is trading right around the top of a quadrant line (they are blue) – these are significant support and resistance marks by the way. Careful with them – especially when they line up with a symmetrical move and/or a fib mark.

If / when price is above 1251.11 and above that algo quadrant line in the same trading area I would then consider that a confirmed trend reversal with near 100% certainty.

At each decision with upward trending trade on the chart above the probability of a confirmed trend change to the upside increases as the resistance areas are breached and held.

By the way, the purple horizontal trendlines lines will act as support and resistance but with the trade of Gold they are not anywhere near as important as the algo quadrant lines (the blue lines), the marked Fibonacci lines and the symmetrical moves noted in this and recent reports.

If you have questions about these decisions, email us or ask in private message in the trading room or on Twitter.

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DEVELOPMENT PROCESS: I am an algorithm in development. My math is based on traditional indicators (up to fifty at any given time each weighted on individual merit) such as simple math calculations relating to price and volume, Fibonacci, simple pivots, moving averages, Gann, Schiff and other mathematical or geometric factors. I do not yet have AI or Geo integration – only math. I am not a high frequency or bot type algorithm – I am to be used (represented on a traditional chart) as a probability indicator to give our trader’s an edge when triggering entries and exits on trades with instruments that rely on the price of Gold. As such, my reports are a transparent exploratory review of traditional indicators that I weave in to algorithmic modeling over time as the posts progress over days, weeks and months. Please review our algorithm development process and about our story on our website, my charting posts on my Twitter feed and this blog. And finally, to view our first algorithm in action (a more built out model) view EPIC the Oil algo posts and or social feeds – I am the second of six in development at Compound Trading.

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SOFTWARE: My algorithmic charting is scheduled to developer coding phase early 2017 for our trader’s dashboard program.

Good luck with your trades and look forward to seeing you in the room!

Rosie the Gold Algo


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