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Finally! Seems I still have things to learn about setting up a tech driven trading location in the tropics:)

Good morning traders!


In short (I’ll save you the detail) we have the fiber networks installed at the new location and we tested all the equipment / systems / wifi / trading platforms this morning and all systems are a go. Today and tomorrow we’ll clean up after the crews and get some trading zen going in here in prep for next week live trading blast off.

For info on our new trading / coaching location click here. We have a May and June trade coaching boot camp scheduled.

Reporting / Trading Broadcast Schedule forward:

  • Weekly algorithm and swing trading reports will be processed as normal this weekend (SPY, OIL, VIX, GOLD, SILVER, CRYPTO, DXY, SWING).
  • Daily member premarket reports will be processed as normal as of Monday and the Post Market Reports (public report) we intend to get in to scheduling again soon also.
  • Trade alerts on the member only Twitter feeds will recommence Monday premarket (swing, daytrading, oil, Gold, crypto).
  • Live premarket broadcast will recommence Monday 9:00 am on daily rotation (main trading room). Main trading room broadcast (charting and chat) runs Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM with voice commentary from myself (or guests) for trade set-ups etc as needed or market demands.
  • Live market open broadcast will recommence Monday 9:30 am on daily rotation (main trading room).
  • Live mid day reviews will recommence Monday 12:00 on daily rotation (main trading room). Mid day reviews cover trade charting set-ups I am following for daytrading and swing trading, announcements, and trading recaps.
  • Weekly #EIA oil report trading session will recommence Wednesday 10:15 AM on weekly rotation (main trading room for now but will be moved to oil trading room only soon).
  • Oil trading room broadcast will recommence Monday 9:30 am. Most days it will run 24 hours unless I am traveling (this will change often). Oil trading room members can attend to the main trading room anytime they like also FYI. The oil trading room is not a live voice broadcast room (charting and chat is active), however, with this new trading location we intend to amp up voice broadcasts over time.
  • The next trade coaching boot camp event is May 4 – 6 (it is 70% booked out FYI) and the next is June 8 – 10. You can attend in person or virtually as if you were in attendance in person.
  • Short live trade coaching webinars will start (new service) soon and will be random through-out the week. Primarily covering trade set-ups, recaps of live trades and the “howto” trade components of each. They will be live broadcast and saved to the video library for members. Our goal is to build a significant “howtotrade” video library this year with short videos (5 mins in length each).
  • Free swing trading set-ups will recommence Monday (as set-ups are available) and sent to our public mailing list. You can register to the mailing list here.
  • The private member only Discord channels will be used more and more as we go forward so be sure you have your invite link from us and you watch those server channels close for trade updates. The public free Discord trading chat link.
  • Any downtime to service due to the recent location move is credited to member accounts.

New Members:

For whatever reason the last week has seen many new members and with the new location set-up we’re a little behind. We’ll have all new members set-up over the next 48 hours.

If your membership includes trade alerts of any kind, be sure you email us at the Twitter account you are using to follow the alert service feed.

New Staff:

We have new staff just started in administration and coding that I will be introducing to our member base over the next few weeks. Any blip in service please allow some grace there but if there’s anything urgent be sure to message me personally on any of the feeds so I can help as needed.


I have one full time position or two part time positions for paid interns that would like to do specifically what I do. Trade and report. If you have an interest send me a note on email These are long term positions.

Need Help?

Anything you need private message me or email me anytime.

Thanks again for your support in our efforts y’all! Going forward with our new location it is our aim to build out our live how to trading / coaching for the markets we follow (trade coaching etc) so I believe you will find our trade set-up and coaching initiative to be of benefit to your trading in many ways (especially as the libraries build). In the meantime, if you have any ideas for our plans going forward or any tweaks you would like to see to our new platform launching please message me!

Best and Peace.


Recent Memo (for those who didn’t see the note):

We are still getting some Q’s re: holiday models…. for clarity, below is a snippet of our comments included in reports we are processing right now…

This reporting week has brought two challenges:

Charting Anomalies: The recent holiday has caused some models some issue as it relates to the geometric chart modeling (you will notice in some instances slight to significant geometric divergence – visually) and as such will cause some issue with many of the trading platforms and liquidity in some markets. Trade carefully until next report at each support and resistance. When these type of anomaly events are in play, it is prudent for your trade plan to refer also to the model / reports published prior to the holiday.
Our new trading / coaching center set-up has taken longer than expected (tech needed vs. Caribbean Island time). We have the fiber set-up now (the hard part it seems) but the ancillary components t make it all work for our equipment are in progress and expected to be complete soon. Downtime credits applied to members. Will advise.




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