Below you will find information about the various partnership opportunities that we plan to offer our users in the future. Express your interest by applying through our contact form here.

Become a Test Trader

  • Test our algorithms live.
  • Process allows for our software developers to learn different methodologies in trading to better develop our algorithm software.
  • Earn while you trade (you’re trading anyway).

Start Your Own Trading Room

  • Democratization of the trading industry.
  • Use our platform for your trading room enterprise.
  • Platform costs are nominal and our monthly fees are low.

Commercial Algorithm Licenses

  • Using Our Algorithms in Your Trading Room.
  • Using Our Algorithms for Your Trading Group.
  • Algorithm Co-Development Opportunities.


  • Earn money introducing us to your social network or on your existing trading platform.
    • 10% revenue in perpetuity.
  • If you have a service or idea that may be of mutual benefit to the aims and goals of this platform, you may apply here with your information for consideration.

Refer a Friend

  • Existing subscribers can refer a friend and receive account credit bonus of 10%.