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My Day Trading Results Re-Cap

Today for me was the “miss the perfect setups trigger day” – but I still ended up on the positive side. For me it’s all about 1% a day compounded (and hopefully someday soon 3% – it’s getting close). If you haven’t seen my compound chart of 1% per day starting w 10k compounds to 1.14MM you should check out and I think I’ll do a full post on it soon. But bottom line is that when you focus on simple 1% days (understanding compounding money principles) it is a way less stressful and more forgiving way to trade. You avoid the hype… the pumps… all the company DD research… the risk… and on and on. You just need to know why equities trigger an intra-day spike (trigger there and watch for 1% or not) and from there it’s pretty easy.

Anyway, I had a number of setups ready right before the bell and missed the better ones (got distracted). So, I am learning that balancing day trading and a live chat room/broadcast startup requires more focus during market hours.

Here’s what happened (my wins and losses), so hopefully it helps your trading.


The first setup I looked at. It was a morning scan MOMO (morning momentum) possibility from a few days ago that I thought will get lift or drop (the 3 day rule For short sellers this is an ideal set-up – but sometimes they surprise and run so I like to watch for that because if the shorts get caught on a 3 day rule and it goes opposite – the win can be really good.


And, it just faded – so I left it alone.

$UA – Under Armour

Next up was Under Armour. This one had a bad downdraft on earnings / downgrade.

So, another morning play I will use (that normally works well) to get 1% – 3% quick pops is timing the bottom up spike. It got a really good downdraft here at 9:51 and the stock dropped.

At 10:10 I hit the buy.

Added at 10:13

10:19 I was out for a small gain – I noted it as a small loss on twitter but didn’t go back and do a correction because my day was so hectic (you will find my alerts sometimes distracted lol). Anyway, average buy 32.82 and out at 33.07 for .25 cents on 400 shares / 100.00 – not the 1% I was looking for).

$UA Stock Trade

$UA Stock Trade

$TZA – 3x Small Cap Bear ETF

Then I posted a perfect set-up with the small cap bear ETF I’ve been watching – around the election especially I’m watching this one like (it should be a hawk) – BUT FOR THE SECOND TIME in less than a week I was distracted and missed my trigger – it was such a nice trade – easy 3% or better. And frankly, there’s no excuse – as easy as taking candy from a baby.

And here’s where I would have triggered and it was sooo perfect. Absolutely no excuse – it was a text book trigger on the 1.

$TZA Stock Trade Trigger Missed

$TZA Stock Trade Trigger Missed


So when I seen the US Dollar Index at support… that was my first trigger alert for $TZA – because the $DXY is the $TZA killer…


Then I was on to the $VIX – which was my SECOND trigger missed – I was looking at a $TVIX or $UVXY intra-day trade – and yup – distracted and missed it. Again… so perfect. I posted when $VIX was threatening resistance and $DXY was at support and $SPY was in downdraft mode… simple simple simple. #distracted ugh.


Here was the downdraft in $SPY and the resistance above… and when $SPY is in downdraft till things sort out.


So here’s where $VIX broke resistance and all I had to do was wait for the back-test and possible consolidation… but ya… nope.


Then came the oil report… my thinking was I wasn’t sure if the upper algo target or the lower was more likely – I didn’t think we were going to see a draw down… but EPIC the oil Algo had the lower alpha algo target as most probable… anyway… almost both targets hit but I wasn’t confident in it so I though I’ll go for the build side of the bet with a volatility play and entered $TVIX with a super-tight stop – a wham – it got hit instantly for a small loss. Not the normal way I’d play the oil report FYI. So I was down .8 cents on 400 shares or (32.00) – so at this point 68.00 up on the day.


Then I took scanner alert trade in $OPGN in at 1.16 out 1.22 within mins at 9,000 shares / 540.00 – now I’m up 608.00 on the day.

$OPGN stock trade

$OPGN stock trade


Ended up EPIC’s oil calls were almost perfectly spot on.. again I was distracted and was a little confused on my twitter feed posts etc.

So there’s the beautiful $VIX trade I missed with $TVIX

$TVIX missed stock trade (ETN)

$TVIX missed stock trade (ETN) – soooo perfectly set-up.


Then I went long $UGAZ. This is another algorithm we’re working on that is on-deck. The algo is saying 44% today hit bottom (which means 44 out of 100 times – so the idea is to get a probability from the algorithm so the trader can decide to trigger or not)… anyway… the algorithm is also saying that 46% there is another leg down (or 46 times out of a 100). So I thought I’d take a trade and should have (because yes I had it set-up) entered earlier in day for a better gain. Nonetheless I got a decent little intra-day trade.

So my entry average fill was at 34.19 and exit at 34.95 (got real lucky in that time frame exiting snipe – should have been about .10 less) for .76 cents on 500 shares / 380.00 or 920.00 on the day.

I know with many small accounts for US citizens there are certain rules with leverage and 3 trade rules etc. I regularly start a 10k account and build… but I often trade over 10k closer to 16k and sell before the end of the day. The specifics of why my broker in Canada lets me do that I’m not sure and how that works for US citizens – but I’m going to look in to that so I really understand better.

I will put out a pre-market trade plan in the morning!

Stay blessed!

PS Here’s my running win rate.


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