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$VCEL watch your resistance points at 10.40 13.75 17.30 #daytrad by curtmelonopoly on

Resistance Triggers: 10.40, 13.75, 17.30

Post-Market: Price is currently at 15.40, and has shot through its resistance triggers at 10.40 and 13.75


#Premarket Retracement Sitting on Fib Extension After Bear Flag by curtmelonopoly on

1. Trading 15.41 in premarket as of writing, up 3.56%
2. Price has fallen off its inverse apex, and is sitting on a Fibonacci extension (grey arrow)
3. MACD is close to pinching
4. Currently watching for a mean reversion after bear flag reversal, or correction to lower trend-line

Post-Market: Price closed the day with a high in the 15.70 range, MACD swung into an uptrend, and has worked its way off its latest Fibonacci extension at 14.91 for a bounce.


#Premarket Parabolic Curve on Positive Drug Trial by curtmelonopoly on

1. Trading 12.30 in premarket as of writing, up 57.29%
2. Price broken through all of its MA’s, and has established new highs in premarket
3. MACD is currently signaling bullish


Post-Market: Price closed the day with highs in the 12.50 range. It is currently over all its MA’s, and is close to highs at 12.60. MACD is still parabolic.

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