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Good morning traders,

Last night we spent the majority of our session trouble shooting the load issues with the 1 min oil model, it’s fixed, loads fast.

The EPIC 30 Min model was also revised and sent to bundle members.

The next on our list is getting the hours of trading vid / blog posts done AND yes, the oil machine trade protocols (review recent premarket notes if you’re not sure what I’m on about).

Swing trade updates are in the pipeline next also.

To the oil trading (which also affects other areas of markets)…. the machine trade in markets is becoming increasingly sophisticated (we have a post coming soon on that, some articles I have posted to my Twitter feed in last week also reference this), anyway…. the time frames the machine trade is operating on is frequently moving to a half and a quarter of the regular time frame traders are used to using on any given chart (they are flipping down and up time frames so it becomes important to know when and what time frame the machines are in so that our software triggers to the right time frame and human traders can trigger to the current time frame also). I mention this to say 1) We’ve back tested this now and we’ve got it nailed down (this will affect frequency of alerts) 2) We will provide more detail soon in special posts to explain how to trade the 1/2 and 1/4 time frames 3) This of course affects the protocol documents, hence the delay. Bottom line, we’ve got it nailed down and now we can start moving along again.

So the WIP will start flowing out to clients as a result.

Have a great day.



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