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It’s Friday so we thought in lieu of a regular premarket report we would use the slower day to provide important updates to our members (and mailing list) to be sure everyone is in the loop about our development of trade alerts, algorithm updates, algorithm development process, swing trading reports, special reporting, upcoming trade coaching, the trading rooms (chat rooms) and more.

Members that have been with us some time have a good understanding of the development and roll-out process (so this is not new but  provides our current status nonetheless) and newer members will be kept aware of our process.

In short, our firm is a science driven process that is developing algorithms from charting phase to software and eventually a digital intelligent assisted traders dashboard that may eventually be AI and big data equipped.

As we develop the algorithmic charting (that our members use along with conventional charting) we real world test the charting models with our team (various members of our team trade the market action for the instrument using the algorithmic chart model) and our members also test drive the models and report back to us. In short, we model (chart) the natural trading range of the instrument on 12 or more time frames (1 min, 5 min etc), we back test the predictability of the model up to 60 months and find out which time frames under which circumstances test the best – providing a trading edge in specific time frames, in specific areas of the models, under the right conditions.

See the Algorithm Development Process here.

At times the markets provide opportunity for laser focused team development, such as when the swing trading environment was most clear to the modeling post election and early 2018 (the machine liquidity in the markets provides for development clarity because trade is very precise to the charting models). Anyway, this week this occurred in oil trade. The surprise EIA crude stock pile report Wednesday at 10:30 AM (large draw) had machine liquidity kick in to gear and we haven’t stopped processing data since (it’s now Friday morning). So this week (after I took a few short days Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with my daughters visiting) when the Wednesday EIA crude oil report was released that took our team focus for the week and now here we are on Friday.

Point being, in specific market inflection moments it becomes all hands on deck because in those moments there are specific machine liquidity “tells” that change everything we do. It provides us further edge (critically important trader edge data) because we witness the trading action live. This live trading action when the machine liquidity is engaged in the movement of the instrument (in this case this week it was crude oil trade) is key to our profit side trading (it has a lot to do with why I have alerted 100% wins to the oil trade alert feed for many months). Trading “in the pocket” of the machine engaged liquidity provides us at least 90% of our total returns (team wide).

For those that haven’t reviewed our disclosure and member agreement now would be a good time. Our team trades many scenarios from model accounts for testing our algorithm models to real cash accounts to derivatives, regular equities, currencies, futures and much more and in many different scenarios and platforms. It is a science based process constantly testing.

Specific to this week’s reporting, the regular weekly reporting did not get distributed to members and this will happen in these scenarios at various junctures of our growth. Our oil trading room members can reflect that the amount of reporting live in the room this week was likely more than we’ve reported all year – but a weekly report didn’t get out. Just as with our swing trading members they will know that when the swing trading machine trading liquidity is strong there are many reports (recently in earnings we processed five weeks of reports for our swing trading members in ten days as example).

When the market inflections occur and reporting is delayed we also do our best to update any chart models during the week that are possibly expiring with a refresh.

As our weekly reporting is concerned, we see that normalizing this week starting Sunday running through the week. Going forward members can expect the weekly reporting to flow from Sunday to Saturday on weekly rotation instead of the majority being on Sunday’s. It will easier on our staff.

Also of note toward our regular algorithmic chart reporting is the topic of new updates – specifically toward the machine trading overlays / time frames we are testing. We have started to roll out the oil trading machine time frames (this will become much more specific in reports over the coming weeks and has more recently in the Discord private oil trading room). Soon we will roll out the Bitcoin and the SPY models and then the others in Gold, Silver, VIX, the US Dollar etc. We are also rolling out machine trading time frames for our Swing Trading platform. We had originally wanted the key / most important machine trading models out early Aug but at this point we a doing our best to get the key / most important models out before our Trade Coaching event in Cabarete Dominican Republic mid September 2018.

The Cabarete event (that you can attend online vs. in person) will be key to our members in that we will be using this trade coaching event to document on video and teach our members how to use the machine trading time line charting. Of course we will also be using much of the coaching time for conventional trading methods and charting.

Specific to special reporting, this last week has provided a significant opportunity to refine our trading models. We did a large amount of oil trading of which some was done without alerting, some was on our model accounts and much real world tested and alerted to our oil trade alerts feed on Twitter and in our private oil trading chat room in Discord. I even did a special session on Wednesday during EIA and in to the afternoon that I recorded in the main trading room, we traded a number of times while oil was spiking, tested some new oil charting models and since then we have been alerting winning trades and posting to the private chat room. All of that activity is being reconciled now and special reports will start flowing to members between now and Saturday.

And I will state for those that don’t know, when we are testing trades and models for one instrument (such as oil this week), this isn’t lost time to our members in other areas such as Gold, Silver or Swing Trading members (for example). The knowledge we gain is transferred to all of our member services. Much of what we learned and developed this week in oil trade will be used for the other areas of our platform.

In closing I am confident that you will see the regular reporting flow this coming week, you will also see some very important special reporting that you do not want to miss because we are winning a very high percentage of trades now (my personally alerted oil trades have not lost in many months, our lead tech has had 2 or 3 losses and I have had a couple of personal non alerted losses – that’s over many months). These trade alerts are all live alerted, time-stamped, on the trade alert feed and recorded.

Do your best to get out to our trade coaching event or at minimum register for the online version of it (I think there’s 3 spots left). And if you can’t get to it or be online with us live then consider getting the material by online download at a later date. The 30 hours of training will shorten your learning curve months to years as it is a condensed version of what took us decades to learn.

Anything we can do for you please let us know. Jen email, our main is or message us in the Discord trading room (there are free public areas and private member areas). Also please remember that if you message us during market hours (including premarket) there is a good chance you won’t receive a reply until after market.

If you’re not a member you can find our services grid and pricing tables here.

Peace and best.


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