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Good morning Traders,

Trading View Data Feeds

The market data feed issue encountered a few days ago has proven to be more complicated in resolution than first assumed. It seems the changes in data flow may be here to stay. This affects a number of charts. For example the 240 min EPIC chart noted in previous communication. This requires our staff to re chart and / or re-integrate to our reporting and software development on our end. In short, it has caused a considerable work load for our staff to adjust.

Report Distribution Timing

Due to the data feed challenge, all weekly reporting will now be distributed over the next 72 hours (we are in final “work-arounds” with data for the new charting to be distributed).

Premarket Report – Trading Room

This will serve as premarket report today and no formal report will be issued.

The trading room will be open today and tomorrow and will be closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Annual Staff WIP

Our communication in the live trading room will be limited to alerts only as we are focused toward getting the reports out and our annual work in progress list fully complete before Jan 1.

2019 Platform Normalization (post software development)

In year one our goal was to simply get lift to our basic trading service platform and that was accomplished.

In year two (2018) our goal was to develop the software for machine trading to the oil model and bring forward various other development and that has been accomplished (it has been much more work than we expected and we are just there).

In year three (2019) our focus will be to normalizing our trading services platform in the first 6 months. Our focus also will be toward trading for profit and building our learning centers for our trading community. In the latter 6 months we will turn our focus back to software development with coding BTC and SPY at minimum. The difference will be that we expect to have staff in each area of the platform so that areas of service are not interrupted (stretched) with a start up staff size.

In summary, this means that we are cleaning up our work in progress from 2018 and going in to 2019 our service will be hyper focused on trading, reporting, trade alerts and the development of learning systems for our membership base.

The time cycle starting in to the new year is significant in size in global markets and we intend to capitalize on the opportunity this brings.

Markets and Trading

Today is the peak of the broad global time cycle. The markets are reflecting such with most of the markets at major support tests.

As noted previous, considerable caution is warranted one week either side of the time cycle.

As we come out the other side of this time cycle our trading will become progressively more aggressive as the days and weeks continue in to next 6 months.

Any questions please reach out.


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