Friday July 12 Premarket Trading Report.

  • Day Trade and Swing Trading.
  • Equities, Commodity and Bitcoin Trading.
  • Personal Trades and Machine Software Trades.

Premarket Client Notes:

Morning traders,

All reporting will be out this weekend, any delays we credit to accounts – see this link for our policy on reporting cycles and fee credits.

My apologies, the algorithmic models sometimes take much longer to back test than expected. It has happened before. By all, I mean Swing Trading, Trading Results (missing days), Algorithmic reports SPY, VIX, OIL, Gold, Silver, US Dollar, Bitcoin and any other miscellaneous reporting.

It was a Fed speak week and with various other anomalies not only did the models take longer to work but we also didn’t want to take our next time cycle entries without being beyond this specific week. All entries for swinging this cycle and cleaning up the old we want in place between today and Tuesday (some may creep in to late next week, but few). ER will delay some also.

The new oil trade software version is performing well and we will continue to tweak its code toward the 151% per annum target, Bitcoin software is next and then likely Gold but we are undecided at this point:

Profit & Loss: Daily +$473 YTD+$5,412 Projected $85,891 or 86% Oil Machine Trade 100k Account. #Oil #TradeAlerts #MachineTrade #OOTT $CL_F $USO $WTI $USOIL

Near 4 weeks now, one red day (-0.2% draw-down) since new version launch Crude Oil Trading AI software. Current return trajectory 83% per annum. Target 151%. 3 yr history +90% trade alert win rate. Verified P&Ls. EPIC Oil Algorithm #tradealert #OOTT $USO $WTI $CL_F #machinetrade

Watch List, Current Trades:

Current Trades – The AMD trade is going very well, we’re 2/3 trimmed on longs at this point but will likely add as we go through the sequence of buying support and selling resistance areas. The Bitcoin trade, first 3/4 were good and last 1/4 not as good, we’re completely out at this point however, we are going to be very active next week forward with new machine trade software development starting. All new swing trades (per above) and reporting on all existing swing trades will be very active over next week.

It’s Friday so don’t try and make up your week today, liquidity in daytrading equities can be weak on Friday’s.

$SGBX at 150%+ in premarket is the big mover, again, caution its Friday and it is a chat room pump, lots of caution.

Bitcoin, not sure at this point, watching the trade within the models close, may be looking at a short term swing entry this weekend, will advise. Still alerting on the swing private feed but new alert feed for BTC in works now.

CXO, DVN, FANG, ECA, EOG, HAL, PTEN, NBL, MRO etc all with down grades this morning, watching the sector close to say the least.

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