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Good morning traders,

All trade set-ups on watch or alerted are starters in to time cycles that may or may not run in trajectory to bias, they can go completely the opposite direction, hence the “starter” positioning until said trades develop. Different trades / instruments have different time cycles, refer to historical swing reporting as needed for various notes and charting models. We have been working on the report all night and will release it when it is ready, until then the alerts are flowing. Lots of caution with the upcoming time cycles because everything cray cray everywhere (not just me), the world is not amenable to the buy and hold conventional thesis in my opinion, going forward. We see range, lots of range coming.

We cover over 200 equities, many of which will be in play, on watch etc that we will alert.

Have a great weekend, hug em tight and buckle up.

Anything I can do shoot me a note.

Best and peace.