RE: Price Increase Details w/ Promo Codes. EPIC Oil Trade Algorithm March 4, 2019. Applies to Bundle, Newsletter, Oil Trade Alerts and Oil Trading Room.

February 24, 2019

Compound Trading Group recently launched a first generation oil trading algorithm (CL) software with great initial success. January oil trade alerts seen a 63% account build increase. We expect results to continue to trend higher as the software is fine-tuned.

More recently, we distributed an advisory to detail software protocol updates that will execute oil trade alerts at a higher frequency with a mandate for 60 – 100 trade alerts per month with an objective of 80% or higher win rate (the current win rate is consistently higher than 90%). The objective is to provide a higher frequency of alerts to achieve a greater return on equity per month with a moderate decrease in win rate as the trade-off.

Also included on the advisory above is detail concerning our proprietary IDENT software update – IDENT is an order flow identifier that helps our software trigger trades with market leaders. The IDENT program update has provided our oil trading and alerts with an extremely high win rate since introduction.

Also recently announced, Compound Trading Group’s EPIC Oil Machine Trading Software has been selected for the SOVORON™ trading platform. SOVORON™ offers a unique trading service providing clients with technology application based Machine Trade of personal investment accounts along with a fund and robo-trade application in their pipeline. To explore their unique client service structure click here or call 1-849-861-0697.

And finally, Compound Trading Group will be closing to the general public as of April 30, 2019 and will only be available as a private service going forward – you can view the news release here.

Existing members will be included in the transition. Most of Compound Trading Group’s clientele are serious full time traders, private commercial trading services and institutional clients.

Price Increase Detail, Early Adopter Price Guarantee, Limited Promo Codes:

The main pricing menu on our website is found here.

Existing members (early adopter pricing) remains constant and are not affected by the price increases below as long as the member fees do not lapse.

Oil Trading Bundle Weekly EPIC Algo Newsletter and Charting, Real Time Twitter Feed Alerts, Main Trading Room Access During Active Trade, Private Oil Trading Room / Chat Discord Server (not screen sharing live broadcast like the main trading room).

Current Pricing: 1 Month 399.00, 3 Months 1099.00, 6 Months 2199.00, 1 Year 3999.00.

New Mar 4, 2019 Prices: 1 Month 799.00, 3 Months 1999.00, 6 Months 3799.00, 1 Year 6999.00.

This works out to about 10.00 per alert but also includes the trading rooms and newsletter. If you calculated 60 – 100 trade alerts per month.

Standalone Oil Algorithm Newsletter – Weekly EPIC Algo Newsletter.

Current Pricing: 1 Month 299.00, 3 Months 807.30, 6 Months 1435.20, 1 Year 2511.60.

New Mar 4, 2019 Prices: 1 Month 399.00, 3 Months 999.00, 6 Months 1899.00, 1 Year 2999.00. 

Crude Oil Trade AlertsDistributed by way of private members Twitter feed and now includes access to private Discord oil chat / trade alert feed (with push notifications).

Current Pricing: 1 Month 199, 3 Months 537.3, 6 Months 955.2, 1 Year 1671.60.

New Mar 4, 2019 Prices: 1 Month 499.00, 3 Months 1399.00, 6 Months 2699.00, 1 Year 4999.00.

Promo Codes are in effect for a limited time “bundle30” at check-out. The promo codes remain in effect until Mar 3, 2019 only.

If you have any questions please email me direct at

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