Bitcoin Trading Webinar July 7, 2019: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST $BTC $XBT_F $XBTUSD #Crypto

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Intensive Bitcoin (BTC) Trade Training Webinar.

Spend an Hour With Me Sunday July 7, 2019 – I will be hosting a Bitcoin trading webinar. I will cover everything I know about Bitcoin trading in a 1 hour special webinar event (we will extend time as needed for Q&A etc).

The webinar will cover conventional and algorithmic Bitcoin trade and charting, using the chart models also for intra-day trading, short term swing trading, longer term swing trading, trade sizing, time cycles, key set-ups and much more.

I will explain in detail why my win rate is over 80% in Bitcoin day and swing trading (live recorded in our trading room and live alerted to our members). 

Attendance Limited to 25 people to allow me to take questions and converse as needed to be sure we cover the trading concepts in detail.

Current Member Clients of Compound Trading Group receive 50% off. Use promo code: “member”.

The 1 hour special webinar event cost : $99.00.

Attendees receive a free video report of the webinar after we’re done so that you can study the in depth knowledge long in to the future. The video will also be available online at our store (for non attendees).

Can’t attend? The post webinar cost for non-attendees for the video is $99.00 at our online shop.

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Trade Coaching Webinars. This weekend we will announce 3 different How to Trade webinars. All three to be held Sunday July 7. One each for 1:00 PM Oil, 5:00 PM Swing Trading, and 7:00 PM Bitcoin trading. They will be recorded and available for order on website thereafter. Each will have limited attendee availability so that I have time to work with attendee question and answer during the webinar. Existing members get 50% discounted rates: Retail rates Oil 499.99 (4 hrs), Swing Trading 199.00 (2 hrs), Bitcoin 99.00 (1 hr). Legacy members free. If you want to attend or want a copy of the webinar video email Jen prior to promo going out this weekend as these particular webinar formats fill up quick.

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