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A General Update for Members with Reference to our 2018 Plans and Current Status.

Sartaj is arriving to my location in the Dominican Republic next weekend, at which time the second phase (the 2018 plan) of our business development will start;

  • Coding – starting the process of coding algorithm charting models
    • Initial phase is the #IA Intelligent Assisted Digital Trading Platform
    • Long term goal is a machine trading environment
  • Content – Deep content development for our membership
    • Educational content publishing / video and various other value add content related services for members specific to and related to our swing trading equity coverage, algorithm models and training.
  • Coaching – Further development of coaching programs
    • Coaching online real-time (webinars, Skype one on one, online published material / video, in person classes and regular conference events)
    • Opening of our first physical educational / coaching / retreat (location has been secured and is currently under construction – opening expected Apr 1, 2018)
  • Private Capital Fund – Official launch of our decentralized capital fund (upon regulatory conclusion) and Institutional Data Services Platform.
  • Hiring of Staff and Interns.

Prior to his arrival, I am tasked to complete the existing algorithm charting models (complete to the point that they are ready for Generation 1 at minimum) and completing the swing trading newsletter service structure. So in short, between now and his arrival this is my task.

Completion of algorithm charting models

  • Gold and Oil are ready for coding
  • US Dollar and SPY are near ready, final edits complete this weekend.
  • Bitcoin BTC newest model is complete and in final back-testing phase, it will be released this weekend
    • ETH, LTC, XRP are expected to be released prior to Sartaj’s arrival Jan 21
  • VIX newest model is complete and in final back-testing phase, it will be released this weekend
  • Silver newest model is complete and in final back-testing, it will be released this weekend
  • Completion of newest swing trade newsletter charting coverage
    • The next generation of buy / sell signals / charting for the equities we cover are being implemented to the newsletters as released and we’re on target to have them all complete.

Again, thanks for the patience with our first year build-out…. folks in VIX, SILVER and BTC will be credited with time for the recent delays.

Final miscellaneous thoughts;

  • Oil Trading Room
    • Many have asked that I alert when the oil trading room is rebooted and opened at the intervals (it has to be re-opened every 10 hours as it times out) – considering the requests I will start doing that again.
  • Recommencement of Post Market Reports will start this week – I got caught up in model development last week.
  • Current Trading / Market Forecast
    • The first quarter looks very good. If you have access to our mid day swing trading review videos on You Tube I would highly encourage you to watch them as you can over the next 10 – 14 days as I expect to scale in to this earnings season significantly. I am currently about 12% invested and expect at least 50% if not 80% at times over the next sixty days. It looks very promising.

Thanks folks.




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