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Member Client Modified Platform Schedule for Week of December 2, 2018:

As noted previous, we are done the bulk of the coding for EPIC’s machine trading Generation 1. Last week we tested it in live trades (not alerted for the most part) and found a number of rule-set details that required code modification (we expected to be alerting more trades to our members than took place, so this week we are pushing completion details). This is a process that has to executed live between traders and techs – there are many variables. To keep this explanation short, this week we expect to alert most of the trades the machine trading is executing. We see much less variable rule set code tweaking. To be sure we complete the bulk of the testing and tweaks needed we are going to limit some of our other platform services for the majority of the week below as we have limited staff. This process may continue for weeks (the further along the less service throttling will be required) – at regular intervals we will notify members of service schedules as with this update.

If you have any specific questions please send us a note.

Here’s the member client service schedule for the upcoming week:

Alert Feeds: Per normal, specifically we expect more machine trading alerts on EPIC’s Oil feed this week and likely more swing trading alerts (going in to completion of the next time cycle).

Discord Chat Rooms: We will rely more on the chat rooms (of course oil being the main focus currently) than we will the live trading room. We DO NOT EXPECT to be in the live trading room this week. If that changes we will let you know. It will be an intensive week to try and bring the bulk of the coding required to complete the lower time-frames for oil trade decisions to a close. So we expect to be very active on both the alert feeds and the Discord chat (with trades and trade explanations) but not the live trading room.

Live Trading Room: The live trading room will not be used this week unless really intensive trading positions are occurring with large size multi leg trades. Lead trader is not likely to be present in live trading room at market open and for mid day reviews this week Dec 3 – 8th.


  • Algorithm reporting – the regular algorithm reporting is likely to be near none during the period of Dec 3 – 8th and we will make up the lag time quickly thereafter (again, we are using our staff resource to complete the small time frame coding for the EPIC oil machine trading)
  • Premarket report – as with the regular weekly reporting above we do not expect to be publishing premarket reports Dec 3 – 8th.

 Trade Coaching: Trade coaching already scheduled remains as scheduled.

To summarize, we are in a push to get the lower time frame decisions coded to the oil machine trading. After the oil software is complete we will start on SPY and Bitcoin machine trading. We expect alerts and discord chat (trade related) to increase this week and live trading room to be near zero. The regular weekly reporting for this week will be near zero and we will make up that lag in to the week after Dec 3 – 8th.

Lets have a great trading week!

Jen, Compound Trading Group


Per: Curt


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