Morning all!

I’m trying to keep you all in the loop because I get various questions and can’t remember who needs to know what day to day – so these quick memos help me keep everything moving forward in a clear way.

And to think I will have to do this all over again in a few months hahaha (the travel set up thing – but I will be an expert by then).

Buzz in Headset

I spent the night tearing down the office set up and re-wiring and resetting everything. Hopefully that gets rid of the buzz in the headset. I tested it and it seemed fine but it is intermittent so we’ll see. If that doesn’t get rid of it tonight after market I’ll head over to local computer store and get a different grounding power bar and look at possibly new head sets. And if all that doesn’t work I’ll look around the area of my house and see if there’s nearby equipment or something that may cause interference.


So now I can get busy on catching up all the reporting (it will likely take until the end of Sunday to be completely caught up on all areas of our reporting).

Reading Memos / My Obligation

I responded to a number of DM’s and emails last night. One thing I’d like you to keep in mind is that when you ask me questions my options are to tell you what I think you want to hear or tell you what I think will help you make money. The latter is rarely popular with newer members, but it is my personal obligation. So don’t take it personal and if you think I take it personal I don’t – the only thing I take personal is making you money.

The New Member Experience

I’ve noticed that newer members come in very anxious, then they sort of stop and look around after a while and go “this is weird everyone is so calm” and then after a while “hey they actually win maybe there’s a reason they’re calm” and then “hey they have a process maybe I should try it” and then I get the messages “CURT! you wouldn’t believe it I AM MAKING MONEY! HOLY SH*T THANK YOU!” Seriously, it happens all the time – every day.

Why? Because the 99% truly do give the 1% their money on the markets.

The whole system is rigged in the way that it feeds back to the retail trading community what it wants to hear not what it should hear. Why? Because it sells.

I won’t go off on how it all works, but that is how it works. I don’t and wont ever treat my relationship with my members that way. I can’t do it. So when you talk to me you get straight goods. I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what your problems are, I don’t care how good you are. I only care about whether you are taking what we know to be a process(es) that makes you money and learning it (them) and whether you are banking. That’s my job. To make you money. And that’s only done if you read my f’ing memos lol and you get honest with yourself and me.

Make sense? Good. Everything we do is documented and transparent – we don’t function like most.

A Team is Building

Yes! There is a team building. Way to go guys and gals! You are doing it! Soon there will be the first level or layer complete and there will be about fifty in the team that are profiting on a regular basis. Quite an accomplishment if you ask me as many of you (95%) were not profitable when you joined:) Now close to 80 even 90% of you are profitable – likely closer to 80% ish.

SO in summary, WE ARE BUILDING A TRADING GROUP OF WINNERS THAT WIN we are not building a sell you what you want to hear service. SO READ THE MEMOS! And don’t ask me questions that I’ve already answered in memos and material:) Do your homework! Be transparent, publish your trades in the room to help me help you (or at minimum send the entries and exits to me on DM or on email). I CANNOT HELP IF YOU DON’T DO THAT.

Hopefully the caps help get the point across to newer members lol

For those that have reached out to assist as interns, moderators, affiliates etc… we will contact you this weekend! Yes! For sure:)!

Anyway, now that I have internet and it seems my headset buzz is fixed I can get on to getting your reports up to date finally also:)

Cheers and Peace.


If you are receiving this and want to be taken off the list reply back and we’ll delete you from whatever list you’re on. And we’ll block you and you can never come back. Joking:) Have a great day all.

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