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Good evening all,

This is the back stretch of the final lap in our first year startup. Between now and Jan 1 we are completing and polishing up all our algorithm models and swing reporting to present as finished products in advance of coding. Below are some details with respect to this endeavor.

– The oil room will be open when futures begin trading. If you missed it, we are not alerting reboots every 20 hours on Twitter each time the oil room opens. We want to keep that feed as close to alerts only as possible.

– The seven algorithmic model reports and swing will be processed after futures open and before regular market open tomorrow. This will give us an opportunity to reset charts as required to Trading View rebalance – especially after the holiday week. Bitcoin will likely be the last published as trade is very active and I would like to see it settle a bit in to the new week before publishing.

– Any reporting that is not out by market open Monday will be out before market open Tuesday – but the bulk of any important reports will be out before market open Monday.

– The algorithm chart model and swing trading reports as of this week will start to represent buy / sell triggers. The buy sell trigger charting will be built in to the reports more and more as we near Jan 2018 simply because our coding of models will require them anyway. So in other words, what you see this week will not be what they will represent when fully updated going in to Jan 2018 – but it will be a good start.

– Any comments you have toward our chart models that you think would help us better assist our members and / or better represent data to our software engineers in 2018 for coding purposes please let us know.

– The Oil, Gold, Swing models are furthest along at this point, with Bitcoin close behind. The VIX, DXY and Silver models will take some time to build out – but we intend to have them done by Jan at latest FYI.

As always, thanks for supporting our start up as early adopters! Could not have done it without you.

Have a great week.


PS There are price increases coming in Jan after all the models are complete and prior to coding. There will also be increases at various milestones as the models are coded – for those that do not know, our early adopters will not see a price increase (as long as their subscription doesn’t lapse). I thought I’d mention that because a few folks have recently asked about that.

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