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Start Up Updates – As We Close in our First Year and 2018 is Near

Share this:Morning all, We’re about 60 days away from completing our first year – the start up. I

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Morning all,

We’re about 60 days away from completing our first year – the start up. I thought I’d give you a quick update.

We just finished the code break on Bitcoin… it’s done, done, done. Finished. It was a process. But it is now done. The existing newsletters have excellent model(s) and those will continue from Reed’s desk. This model (the one we just completed) is a black box model… and we aren’t sure yet if and whether it will be shared. We’ll keep you up to date.

Now that we are done that model… we can clean up the rest of our models, newsletters etc… shine everything up for the completion of our start up year. Get the reports out on time… get the alerts out regular etc. I know I’ve been promising since we started ten months ago that we’d get caught up… I know. But in truth the process of breaking the code on these models is…. well… it takes a lot of a person to do it. Anyway…. as of this weekend we start polishing up everything so they get on regular rotation properly. If there’s any concern with value or delays or anything just contact Sartaj direct for discussion.

In terms of pricing and grandfathering… yes… our grandfather prices will always remain intact. No price raise for legacy clients. Period. When everything is shined up and presented to public and on regular rotation…. as we near the new year (the completion of our start-up) we will raise some pricing going forward (for new folks). They’ll be getting a polished version on regular rotation etc etc so they should pay for that.

Sartaj will be doing a promo going in to the turn of the completion of our first year too fyi… kind of a last call as we close out our first year.

Next year, 2018 we start coding our models for machine trading and intelligent assisted trading. Bitcoin will be going to coding first by the end of January, and then EPIC for Oil and so on.

Our private capital fund is now completing its regulatory requirements for various platforms in various jurisdictions and will also be in growth mode in 2018.

I have had much discussion with stakeholders about my role going forward as it relates to the trading rooms / reporting etc etc… I’ll be around and trading and available for legacy members (those that start in first year).

I really appreciate all the support we got through this start up. Much grace has been extended and many of you have really got behind our mission and for that I am truly grateful.

Thanks much! Peace and best.




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