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Evening all!

Once again, apologies for some that are receiving this more than once (you’re on multiple lists).

Super excited – been on an island for a week without useable internet and now its finally here. Yes, high speed fiber! Just call me Gilligan.

Oil room charting has been on since 6 pm this afternoon without a glitch – novel.

Anyway, quick update:

Now that I have internet I’ll have to make up the last week so watch out world!

I will be in oil room going forward at midnight EST each night until 4PM EST. The downtime I get away from trading is 4PM to midnight daily. That time (as of Monday) will be covered by moderators (not that there won’t be moderators trained for other parts of day also). And yes, during market hours I’ll be trading both rooms.

The interns / moderators etc that have expressed interest we will be reaching out this weekend.

Every evening for the foreseeable future in the oil room (when I arrive around midnight) I will be doing training sessions that I will video (we will also have video for whole sessions btw). Anyway, the point is that members that cant be in the room during those trading and how to use EPIC the Oil Algo charting sessions will be able to get the video and watch it later. Some I will leave public (especially in beginning) and many only members to oil room will be able to access on You Tube.

NOW that the internet is working (there was a tropical storm this evening while I got some sleep and no down time fyi) the regular reporting for the newsletters, oil room regular room and all other services will get back to normal over next 72 hours as we catch up.

Any other questions please email of DM anytime – I’ll be in a much better and approachable mood now that I can trade and earn with working internet:) Oh, and yes, I have learned the lessons of trading and traveling! A blog post for others is on the list:)

Thanks again for for grace through this frustrating time and we’ll see you in the room(s)!


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