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Stock Swing Trades On Watch and Current Trade Positions (w/video) | AAPL, GOOGL, NFLX, GOLD, OIL, BABA, ARWR, FB, TWTR, TSLA, MSFT and many more…

Trade Set Ups and Current Swing Trade Positions March 5, 2019. Stocks Covered in this Special Report: AAPL,

Trade Set Ups and Current Swing Trade Positions March 5, 2019.

Stocks Covered in this Special Report: AAPL, GOOGL, NFLX, GOLD, OIL, BABA, ARWR, FB, TWTR, TSLA, MSFT and more.      .

Email us at compoundtradingofficial@gmail.com anytime with questions about any of the swing trade set ups covered in this video. Market hours can be difficult to respond but we endeavor to get back to everyone after market each day.

Special swing trade client note:

When this time cycle was starting I was screaming from the rooftops the importance of getting in to play with the trades that were coming, this report reviews how great this time-cycle has been and is going to get better around the next corner. These trades have gone extremely well so please do study the video, go in to the previous reports, study the charts and time cycle price targets and BE READY FOR THE NEXT TRADE SET-UPS on deck!

Swing Trading Set-Up VIDEO:


Voice broadcast starts at 4:25 on video.

Trade Set Ups and Current Swing Trade Positions March 5, 2019.

The beginning of this video discusses the team work in progress, trade alert protocols, coding, alerts, machine trading developments, changes in my personal trading schedule etc.

This is an important trade set-up video for all stocks we have been swing trading in 2019 so far, so it is an important review for our clients prior to the next round of swing trade entries coming.

Crude Oil ($WTI, $USOIL, $USO) – Tonight the protocols for the alerts will be distributed to members so that our clients know which set up is in play when we send out alerts. The EIA down channel target 55.23 and top uptrend channel 57.25 – the mid pivot (mid quad) for indecisive trade is at 56.25 on FX USOIL WTI. Our bias is toward up channel and we are hoping to get up in to 58.07 range this week to top of swing area of the EPIC Algorithm model (30 minute). The video outlines a scenario for between API Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 and EIA report Wednesday at 10:30.

Anadarko Petroleum (APC) – this is a symmetry play (see recent special report and alert that went out), trading 44.35 and watching for the support level on video to hold and we’re looking for the 76.00 area for February of 2020 for a price target.

TerraForm (TERP) – trading 12.60 with earnings in days, algorithmic channel outlined in video and on recent report, trade the channel if it gets bullish on the other side of earnings. This is on high watch with recent trade trajectory and 200 MA near above. Price target on the weekly chart for TERP shown in video is 25.17 range May of next year.

Home Depot (HOM) – 240 minute chart is reviewed in video with time cycle completion Mar 26, 2019. This play is on watch with Maven expecting decent upside return. All the price targets and timing are reviewed in the video.

Gold (XAUUSD, GLD, GC_F) – Monthly chart reviewed, sideways action is seen on chart, for traders that do trade it I have it shorted and it is going well, price has come off the first resistance in my trade plan (I was expecting to have to average my trade), support is at the red trend line shown. There’s a potential down side 718.00 if it breaks down, it’s very possible it breaks down. I like this trade so far.

EXXON (XOM) – this trade has been going very well, we gt in 73s with 77.13 Feb that hit early, over 200 MA on daily, we have a price target in the 85’s. Details of this trade set up are on the chart in the video and explained by voice. Really really successful trade and it has been going exceptionally well. What a swing trade.

I also explain my sizing and trims and adds to my swing positions in this part of the video (during XOM).

Nike (NKE) – this is a break out trade that I alerted as a cautionary set up, the levels and signals for the trade are reviewed in the video. As I’ve said before hold this one tight.

Alphabet / Google (GOOGL) – algorithmic calculated channel is reviewed and price has hit the price target and the trajectory has been very bullish since our alert on GOOGL. The price targets for this swing trade are reviewed in detail on the video.

Advanced Micro (AMD) – when I alerted this I knew it was going to be a great ROI trade, I don’t like how it trades but I was confident in the price target. It hit the price target early. Resistance and support are reviewed on the video along with future price targets with time cycle completion dates. Another really strong alerted swing trade for 2019.

Twitter (TWTR) – didn’t like this one when I put the alert out. I don’t like the way it trades, its crazy. But there is a chart model reviewed on the video. If it functions like a normal equity your price targets are on the video for your review.

Facebook (FB) – the model has done really well, we will be updated the model soon, 175.66 price target March 7 is in play on the 4 hour chart, Maven is in this swing trade and doing well with it. It has been a very successful swing trading structure for us many times in past.

BP – bullish over 43.31 price target 47.99 in to October 2019, we haven’t triggered a swing trade position yet, it may be a decent trade but not the best.

FireEye (FEYE) – tagging the down side scenario from our swing report, we haven’t triggered on the trade, 14.80 is in play for April 2019. It’s a good trader when it’s trading well and we’ve done well many time with it.

Arrowhead Pharma ARWR – This has been a fantastic long term swing trade, the returns are very high and we are looking for much more in this trade. The trading channel is reviewed on the video.

TESLA (TSLA) – I have been bearish on it since the recent report and it has come off on the chart significantly since, 281.47 is the main pivot and anything over is bullish and under bearish. The trade scenarios are reviewed on video.

Alibaba (BABA) – the bullish thesis I laid out has transpired but not complete, watch the video for all the signals on this swing trade. This is a great set-up.

Microsoft (MSFT) – per my previous guidance I am not really exited about it but I am watching for a potential break out trade in Microsoft so at this point it is only on watch.

Eagle Materials (EXP) – was looking for a trade entry long trigger in the support line reviewed on the video, price got away on me before I took the trade, I was trying to get a too perfect entry. Support and resistance reviewed on the video.

APPLE (AAPL) – direction of trade per alert has been near perfect, it has the full range of the price extension and is at the test area, if it gets above resistance noted you can go long again, price targets reviewed on the video.

Allergan (AGN) – has not done as well as I wanted, made money on the trade but had to trim out in its down turn, I still like it to a point but its a tough set up now.

AK Steel (AKS) – potential trajectory on video and it isn’t my favorite type of set-up. Just on watch.

Netflix (NFLX) – very structured model, hitting price targets no problem, but right now on daily chart in support area. Price targets reviewed with trajectory of swing trade reviewed on video.

American Express (AXP) – great trade alert set up from swing trade service, hit price targets early, really strong trade structure,

Morgan Stanley (MS) – trading at support channel and if you like the set-up now is the time to trigger long in this trade, it has a 75.00 range price target in 2021.

Delta Airlines – hasn’t been a great trade set-up. Early on in the trade it provided an excellent return for our clients but it fell apart later.

Bank of America (BAC) – really took off at our trigger point from the special report, but its in to resistance and not trading the best but a swing trade thesis is outlined in the video.

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