Review of my Chat Room Stock Day Trades / Alerts for Wednesday Nov 16, 2016. $UWTI, OIL, $DSX, $SHIP, $DRYS and more.


Time stamped entries (in permanent archive) copied to this blog in italics (below) are direct live log chat from chat trade room as they occurred (random chat from myself not applicable or other misc chat deleted). Chat trade room is also video recorded daily for trade archive (we start sharing videos soon – just one more thing on the to-do list).

In addition to chat, this trade-room has live voice broadcast (that covers in detail what indicators I am looking for in and out off each trade) and has live chart screen sharing right from my monitor to the room with all indicators I am looking at.

Overview Perspective of Chart Room, Trades and Alerts:

Today for me was a scalping day… worked moderately well. With a goal of 1% minimum per day (preferably 3%) I’m easily on track since the beta start of our trading room a couple weeks back (1% per day 10k to 1.14MM in 26 mos compounded). Today was a 2.5 % small account portfolio gain day.

Primary lessons I learned that may help your trades…

So the trade I got in before the system crash mid day setting off our room to next day was $UWTI in advance of the pit close… I entered I little earlier in the day than I normally would but thought there may be some front running so I did. The trade that I missed was the 10:30 AM oil report trade – normally at the bottom of that spike down I would get an entry in $UWTI and for whatever reason I didn’t trigger and missed it.

With the shippers I thought it was too late to get on the train so I watched. Volatile plays like that don’t fit my trading plan so I just didn’t take an entry. Also $LEI was on my watchlist (low float oil) and I didn’t take that play either.

I also just published a new blog post on the math of 10,000.00 turns in to 1 million after 24 months at 1% compound per day.

$UWTI Trade on Oil

FX: $USOIL $WTI Crude oil trade today using $UWTI as the instrument for a 2.5% portfolio gain on small account.

11:43 am Curtis M : Long $UWTI 1000 shares 19.307 small account. I took the trade here because crude had pulled back after its morning spike (post oil report) to a diagonal support line (blue) and the volume was increasing on 3 mins prior. The problem was the price came off after that again and I had to hold through it. Which is a lesson because the price pull-back should be at least one step more than it otherwise would be in an uptrend. So it made sense that I was one support too early in my entry.

On the one hand I was confident in the hold because of the upcoming oil meetings, pit close was still on deck, and the price had come off to a support. What I wasn’t comfortable with is that oil hasn’t been trading aggressively (bouncing) at supports and has been selling off in to strength more than it would be in a confirmed break-out. So it was mentally a tough trade.

$UWTI Exit on Trade

Exit on my $UWTI trade base on $USOIL $WTI right near top of the candle. Decent exit.

12:32 pm Curtis M : 19.805 exit 1000 shares $UWTI small account. So my exit was much cleaner than my entry and for sure much cleaner than my emotional hold process. I wanted to hold to the resistance line above where I did exit at 2.5% gain and it would have been 3% or better but I knew that the market was selling in to strength so I picked a resistance line prior to the obvious one when the price spiked – it was a perfect exit on the intra for sure.

Stock Trading Chatroom Transcript

08:44 am Curtis Melonopoly :
08:45 am Sartaj Hundal : Fault tolerance testing being performed today. Users may be shifted to other rooms. Regular broadcasting will not be affected.
08:46 am Curtis Melonopoly :
08:48 am Curtis M : On Watch Shippers Again – Oil Report this morning – $LEI low float oil
08:53 am GSCT . : $DRYS halt after running +50 PM
09:00 am GSCT . : T12 Halt “Halt – Additional Information Requested by NASDAQ”
09:00 am Curtis M : Last year after this happened with shippers and USD Jan came lol kaboom
09:04 am Curtis M : Regulatory halt on $DRYS if you short which I don´t it may be epic
09:05 am Curtis M : I remember the days when I worked on the market 30 years ago and the phone would ring lol can be bad
09:07 am Curtis M : 28 yrs ago bla thats better
09:09 am Curtis M : I short… just not intra… indices and stuff on a wider range timeframe
09:14 am Curtis M : $DRYS is T2 code… could be bad
09:15 am GSCT . : T12
09:15 am GSCT . :
09:57 am Curtis M : GLBS halt vol
09:58 am Curtis M : oil report in 30 mins
10:03 am Curtis M : quick break before oil report for me
10:03 am Curtis M : dont forget record bullish contracts in oil before report could get fun
10:15 am Curtis M : GLBS vol halt
10:16 am Curtis M : Go fund me website halt for $DRYS
10:16 am GSCT . : Hahaha
10:18 am Curtis M : THey will hit them like wack a mole soon
10:39 am GSCT . : You called Oil Curtis. I’m impressed.
10:39 am GSCT . : Last week.
11:09 am Curtis M : Missed $DUST ugh
11:09 am Curtis M : gonna make some calls back in 10 to 20
11:13 am Mathew Waterfall : Getting out of some of me NE dec 5.5 calls it anyone was following along. .21 to .34
11:13 am Mathew Waterfall : Hold WLL calls
11:18 am Mathew Waterfall : Now I feel bad about getting out of UWTI this am lol now you tell me
11:25 am Mathew Waterfall : That’s very interesting on the math component. Funny
11:37 am Curtis Melonopoly :
11:37 am Curtis Melonopoly :
11:39 am GSCT . : Surprised at this pullback. Wild.
11:39 am GSCT . : Strength of
11:43 am Curtis M : Long $UWTI 1000 shares 19.307 small account short leash i think
12:14 pm Curtis M : So Im holding $UWTI without stop …. going for lunch back in 30 min
12:15 pm Curtis M : I have conviction on it that my worst scenario is a 4 day hold
12:17 pm GSCT . : DCIX 19.31 – 19.86
12:20 pm Curtis M : If room kicks u out while iM away then Ill be back in 20 anyway for afternoon fyi… it will be nice to have the other guys around starting next week lol
12:23 pm GSCT . : Sweet.
12:24 pm GSCT . : You could sense the snapback coming.
12:25 pm GSCT . : Do you ever use pre-set sell orders.
12:25 pm Mathew Waterfall : Market makers may be looking for $45 close of options expiration
12:26 pm Mathew Waterfall : 45 is basically max pain point
12:30 pm GSCT . : I like the commentary.
12:32 pm GSCT . : Great call on that.
12:32 pm Curtis M : 19.805 exit 1000 shares $UWTI small account
12:33 pm Curtis M : 2.5% or so gain
12:34 pm Curtis M : back in 20 mins or so lol gone this time 4 sure… likely do oil trade when back for pit close
12:34 pm Curtis M : if room kicks you out ill be back in room by 1 so just re nter
01:00 pm Curtis M : Back
01:00 pm Curtis M : Looking at $UWTI for pit close
01:01 pm GSCT . : /GC dropped through 200 MA and DUST followed
01:02 pm GSCT . : NUGT dropped down DUST broke up through 200
01:02 pm GSCT . : Your volume is low for me.
01:09 pm Curtis M : $GLBS may run again here
01:12 pm Curtis M : $OPTT $SIN $TOPS theyre all popping
01:12 pm Curtis M : $SINO
01:19 pm Curtis M : running scans be right back
01:24 pm GSCT . : Google Chrome does that lall the time.
01:24 pm GSCT . : all
01:24 pm GSCT . : You can bypass it.
01:25 pm GSCT . : I use Chrome and Opera.
01:26 pm GSCT . : Click on Learn More
01:26 pm GSCT . : I think it will allow you to bypass that.
01:26 pm GSCT . : Go back it allows you to proceed anyway.
01:27 pm GSCT . : On the original page under Learn More on your Edge browser
01:27 pm GSCT . : Belwo that
01:27 pm GSCT . : Stupid eh?
01:27 pm GSCT . : Not you the technology.
01:28 pm GSCT . : Are you using the Hotel Internet?
01:34 pm Curtis M : i am using a hotel system yes wi fi
01:34 pm Curtis M : im rebooting
01:43 pm Curtis M : techs are working on getting charts back up now
01:46 pm Sartaj Hundal : Give us a minute
01:46 pm GSCT . : I presume you’ll be getting a dedicated connection hrard wired.
01:47 pm Curtis M : yes lol not me but our office+
01:47 pm Curtis M : i travel
01:57 pm GSCT . : I’ve been in a couple of rooms where thy use Omnovia. Relaunching the room often solves issues.
01:59 pm Sartaj Hundal : We have been able to confirm that there is a Wi-Fi issue at the hotel. Curt will be on a hard-wired connection starting Monday. Unfortunately, we will have to cancel the remainder of the afternoon session. He will be back tomorrow morning.

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