Review of my Chat Room Stock Day Trades / Alerts for Thursday Nov 17, 2016. Low Float Shippers China, $SCON $BNSO, $DHRM, $ISNS, $UWTI, OIL, and more.


Time stamped entries (in permanent archive) copied to this blog in italics (below) are direct live log chat from chat trade room as they occurred (random chat from myself not applicable or other misc chat deleted). Chat trade room is also video recorded daily for trade archive (we start sharing videos soon – just one more thing on the to-do list).

In addition to chat, this trade-room has live voice broadcast (that covers in detail what indicators I am looking for in and out off each trade) and has live chart screen sharing right from my monitor to the room with all indicators I am looking at.

Overview Perspective of Chart Room, Trades and Alerts:

Today for me was a scalping day… worked moderately well. With a goal of 1% minimum per day (preferably 3%) I’m easily on track since the beta start of our trading room a couple weeks back (1% per day 10k to 1.14MM in 26 mos compounded).

Primary lessons I learned that may help your trades…

Today wasn’t exciting… it was a process of me chewing around the edges of crude trades with $UWTI (which by the way is being delisted soon – see premarket report coming up). I was likely up 1% or better – haven’t had the time to see yet.

The reason I chew around the edges is that I am looking for a break-out entry scalping with my small account looking to build it at 1% a day compound and if a break-out occurs then I start hammering down with my larger swing account on every pull-back. Pretty simple strategy that works well. With oil, the break-out I’m looking for is due to not only the current OPEC meetings but also in the charting.

But soon, very soon we’re looking at Gold and Silver because the are getting really close to our algorithm’s projected lows. So I will start chewing around the edges of $GOLD $SILVER and miners $GDX. Right now $DXY is in break-out mode so I may trade $UUP on pull-backs for a bit (however we see it trailing off soon) – it’s an inflection point in markets – so it is about being cautious during inflection prior to next trends. Japan is also in break-out so I may start chewing around edges of $DBJP also and of course the S & P 500 $XIV same thing. $VIX is getting stomped as expected but inflection will come there too.

What I did miss was the shippers (was all over them before they started but elected not to play) and China low float stocks have started (was also all over that ahead of curve and I’m thinking on it) and semi conductors I didn’t play.

Stock Chatroom Trading Transcript

08:54 am Curtis M : Premarket Top % Gainers: $SINO 76%, $RLOG 70%, $GSL 36%, $DCIX 27%, $ESEA 27%, $TOPS, $NM $GLBS $IMNP $NMM $SB $SHIP $NTAP $PLUG $BBY $EGLE
08:55 am Curtis M : Upgrades $MSFT $NOA $RRC $TCK $KBR $FSLR $QVCA $T $MUSA $NTAP
09:05 am Curtis M : No morning newsletter… same as yesterday with premarket gainers and upgrades listed here.
09:20 am Curtis M : $RLOG 113%, $GSL 105%, $SINO 99%, $PSID 36%, $DCIX 29%, $NMM 28%, $NWBO $TOPS $WNR $NM $SB $ANW $GLBS $NTAP $HAIN
09:23 am Curtis M : “Risk control is the most important thing in trading.”
09:24 am GSCT . : /CL surge here
09:26 am Curtis M : Morning … back in a minute for open
09:32 am GSCT . : DRYS offering
09:49 am mathew w : Getting out of my ON UWTI position
09:49 am mathew w : Huge moves all over the board
09:52 am Curtis M : Looking for $UWTI long as oil settles through morning, oil companies starting to squeeze so Im running scans, expected entry long $UWTI at arrow gives me 46.20 – 47.28 width on crude for 3-6% in $UWTI potential
09:53 am GSCT . : Thanks for the detailed strategy
09:58 am Curtis M : RUnning screeners on oil companies and waiting for $UWTI entry on oil price target
10:00 am mathew w : WLL and NE working nicely here
10:00 am Curtis M : For those wondering why I will stalk an oil trade for hours ….
10:00 am mathew w : Looking and JONE and EPE
10:04 am mathew w : LE? No NE. Noble energy
10:04 am mathew w : I’m in these calls from friday
10:04 am mathew w : haha close. Cows. Oil. whatever
10:13 am GSCT . : U or DWTI?
10:27 am Curtis M :
10:53 am Curtis M : finally got some sun after 4 days of rain
10:57 am Curtis M : Long $UWTI 19.60 800 shares small account – may have to sit through some pain… a little early but ya
11:13 am Curtis M : Out for now at 19.70 looking to renter $UWTI
11:22 am Curtis M : Lomg $UWTI 19.535 small account 1000 shares
11:24 am Curtis M : Out $UWTI flat
11:25 am Curtis M : chewing around edges trying to get lift
11:49 am Curtis M : Long $UWTI small account 1000 share 19.536
11:59 am Curtis M : OUt $UWTI 19.74
12:00 pm Curtis M : ugh
12:02 pm Mathew Waterfall : Nice Kill Curtis. Well done
12:03 pm Curtis M : thanks
12:06 pm Curtis M : So going to get ready for EOD oil squeezes catcha in a few
12:06 pm Mathew Waterfall : AMD and MU going crazy today if you’re looking for other momo plays
12:06 pm Curtis M : thanks
12:07 pm Mathew Waterfall : Repeated calls being bought in size in both this AM
12:07 pm Mathew Waterfall : Might be a little tired but still seeing flows coming across
12:09 pm Curtis M : ok thanks
12:10 pm Curtis M : going to be out of hotel for 20 mins
12:10 pm Curtis M : if it says im out of room or whatver no prob cya in 20
12:11 pm Curtis M : specifically im mainly looking at oil squueze small caps but will look at anything EOD
12:56 pm Mathew Waterfall : invernse h&s on /cl 1′ chart
01:20 pm Curtis M : $DHRM china loa float
01:21 pm Curtis M : Yup theyre gonna run the Chinas now for a while lol
01:27 pm Curtis M : $SCON $BNSO, $DHRM then likely $ISNS
01:32 pm Mathew Waterfall : In and out of /cl and UWTI for small wins. That price action is agrivating.
01:40 pm Mathew Waterfall : Back in FH for a swing trade. Hit this for a win about a month ago. Back on the radar today so hoping to get back into the 3s shortly
01:42 pm Curtis M : crude has snipers in there till bots get it and go
01:45 pm Curtis M : Watching $BNSO $NFEC $ DHRM $ISNS and other China low float mania
01:51 pm Curtis M : Long $UWTI 19.26 1000 shares small acct
01:51 pm Mathew Waterfall : Im short FYI
01:51 pm Mathew Waterfall : once it broke .21 I went short
01:52 pm Mathew Waterfall : I was wrong on that one lol. Quick out
01:57 pm Curtis M : $UWTI small win beers and hotdogs
01:57 pm Curtis M : $CCCL
01:57 pm Mathew Waterfall : I’m back short. This is going lower with the $DXY strength
01:58 pm GSCT . : When you talk about a ticker can you please say its name as I can’t always have your screen up and also can you make the ticker symbol more readable on your chart as it’s very hard to discern.
02:00 pm GSCT . : I mean the symbol name in light grey. Please make it more white.
02:01 pm Mathew Waterfall : The dollar moves make me very nervous right here RE oil
02:05 pm Mathew Waterfall : Im playing against last weeks high here
02:05 pm Mathew Waterfall : might go long /cl
02:08 pm Mathew Waterfall : long and wrong new LOD
02:13 pm Curtis M : Long $UWTI 1000 shares small account 19.05
02:19 pm Curtis M : $UWTI 18.88 loss 1000 shares
02:22 pm Mathew Waterfall : Damn that price action is all over the place
02:22 pm Mathew Waterfall : I was trying to get out of my /cl contracts and it was jumping so bad I lost $$$ trying to chase it down
02:24 pm Curtis M : Long $UWTI 18.93 1000 shares small acct
02:25 pm Curtis M : out flat $UWTI no mojo
02:27 pm Curtis M : Long $UWTI 19.06 1000 shares small act
02:29 pm Mathew Waterfall : Dude tough day for sure. I have 8 round trips in UWTI in one account and have probably half as many round trips for /cl contracts
02:29 pm Mathew Waterfall : Broker making as much as I am today
02:30 pm Curtis M : Out $UWTI 19.07 flat
02:30 pm Curtis M : 3 w 1 L 1 F choppy cant get a trend easily
02:35 pm Mathew Waterfall : Might hit silver shortly for a swing. USLV looks appealing
02:52 pm Curtis M : looks like a lot of gold and silver trading coming up soon here
02:54 pm Curtis M : $DXY should back off… $GOLD and $SILVER gonna run… until then low float mania? And remember what happened last year same time…
03:02 pm Mathew Waterfall : I’m still in TKAI for a low float pick lol. Things kind of a turd but I bought low enough it doesnt matter
03:15 pm Curtis M : Gonna call it a night guys. Were going to try and get all algo charts for all 6 up by Monday. Looks like Gold and Silver are near so lotsa work to do.
03:15 pm Curtis M : Room will stay open till 4 see ya n morning
03:18 pm GSCT . : Thanks CM

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